Sunderland Council Results 2023

Sunderland Council Results 2023. Here are the Sunderland Council Results for 2023. How did your ward fare in these elections? Have you got a new councillor in your ward? We have all the results, including the turnout figures for these Wearside elections. Election: Sunderland City Council – Local Elections 2023.… Continue reading

Sunderland Will Celebrate Brexit

Sunderland will celebrate Brexit Day by lighting up some of it’s landmarks in red, white and blue. The city voted 82,394 in favour of leaving the EU compared to 51,930 who voted to remain. The referendum, which was in 2016, saw the stock market plummet while the pound decreased in… Continue reading

Sunderland General Election 2019 Results

Here’s the results for the Sunderland area in the General Election, 12th December 2019. The Labour Party votes are down but they still win the five seats we are highlighting around Wearside. The results also reflects the trend we saw in the May’s council elections where the Labour vote suffered… Continue reading

Sunderland Council Election Results 2019

Sunderland Council Election Results 2019 Election Date: 02/05/2019 | City of Sunderland | Local Council Elections | 26 Seats Available In 25 Wards | Electoral Register – Eligible To Vote: 207,401 | Postal Vote Registrations: 88,032 The Labour Party lose 12 seats after losing 4 in the 2018 elections. Labour… Continue reading

Sunniside Sunderland

Sunniside, Sunderland Sunniside is an area in Sunderland City Centre. Indeed, its boundaries are, Borough Road, Fawcett Street and the Sunderland Inner Ring road. Of course it is an old area and you will find many solicitors have their offices here. There are also many estate agents there too. Generally… Continue reading