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Activities For Children 04

String Egg:

Cut approximately ten x 12 inch pieces of wool. Then blow up a balloon to the desired size and shape of egg you want. Using one piece of wool at a time, dip it into some diluted glue or liquid starch. Then wrap it around the balloon. Criss-cross the strings all different ways to cover the balloon. Once the wool dries in about about 24 hours, pop and remove the balloon. You can even tie a piece of string or wool on these and hang them around the house. Indeed, the kids love this type of activity.

Spider Web:

Using glue, squirt lines on black paper in whatever spider web design you want. Lay some wool on the glue lines and set it aside to dry. Then add a few small plastic spiders if you like.


Use two or three straws taped or tied in a criss-cross. Alternatively, using a needle, thread some wool or thread through the middle of the straws. The children can then colour and cut different shapes from cardboard paper.

They can then attach these shapes to the end of the straws. Poke a small hole in the top of each shape and thread through the hole and then through the end of the straw.

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Stuffed Flower:

Cut two large, identical flower shapes out of newspaper. Paint the opposites sides of each piece of paper as desired and let dry. Lay both painted pieces together so the unpainted sides are touching. Staple around the edges, but leave an opening in the top so you can stuff your flower. Crumple up small pieces of newspaper and stuff the flower then staple the opening shut. Staple on a small wool hoop to use for hanging, or for smaller flowers, staple in a straw for stems.

Paper Jewellery Box:

Use an empty small square tissue box and cut the top off. Cut little pieces of the magazine and glue them in any way you want to the outside of the box. Make sure you cover it well, and let it dry. Glue a cloth or coloured paper in the inside of the box to make it look neat. Start sticking pieces of ribbon on the sides for a border.

Glue some buttons in the corners or anywhere you think it might look pretty. Sprinkle glitter to give it a shiny, sparkly appearance. Use some sequins for making the box personalized by creating letters of your name on it.

Recycled Greeting:

Fold a piece of coloured paper in half to form your card. Cut the picture or scene from a used greeting card. Glue the picture onto the front of the folded piece of coloured paper and write a verse inside. Obviously, this is very easy to do. But the children love it.


We hope you enjoyed these activities for children of course. Indeed, they are very simple and cheap to do. Above all, it allows the kids to be more creative. Indeed, you can start them off while you carry on with the chores too. Obviously we have four sections of activities for children as we see above. However, if you have some other cheap activities for children and you wish to share with us, please do so and we will start another section.

Wearside Online has something for everyone of course. These activities for children are typical of how we accommodate everyone. So, if there is anything else you would like to see on our great community, let us know.

There are also 3 other pages of activities for children, see below.

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