Sunderland Local Elections 2018

Sunderland Local Elections 2018: The Labour Party in Sunderland takes a bruising while Lib-Dems take a mini surge. Although the Labour Party remain in overall control of Sunderland, they have taken a beating. Indeed, with Labour losing 4 seats in Sunderland, the party need find out what went wrong for… Continue reading


Sunderland Cultural Quarter – Phase Three

Plans Are Under Way For Phase Three Of The Sunderland Cultural Quarter To begin with, the new phase of the Music, Arts and Cultural Quarter (MACQ) will be taking shape in 2016. This of course, will be injecting more life into the area close to the Sunderland Empire Theatre. Indeed… Continue reading


Sunderland High School Closure

Sunderland High School Closure Falling pupil numbers to blame. Indeed, pupils at the privately funded Sunderland High School have fallen from 580 in 2006 to around 280 today! Firstly, Sunderland High School has been in existence for 130 years. Indeed, it is the oldest senior school for girls in the… Continue reading


OMG The Council Can Sell Your Details

OMG The Council Can Sell Your Details Furthermore, Sunderland City Council can sell your details too! Indeed, we reveal today that the councils across the country can legally sell your details on! Firstly, councils have full government permission to sell on your details to companies that can use for junk… Continue reading


Ageing Rockers And A Book For North East Punks

Calling All Wearside’s Ageing Rockers Indeed, the North East had a thriving punk scene in the 1970’s. With this in mind, a group of writers have decided to make a book on the subject. As a result, ageing rockers from Sunderland are in demand to come reveal their memories. In… Continue reading


Sunderland Rave Organisers Vow To Break The Rules

Sunderland Rave Organisers Vow To Break The Rules Firstly, Sunderland City Council says Chris Bungoni cannot hold a rave event in a warehouse on Wearside. However, Bungoni has the determination to make it happen. Indeed, this is after already selling tickets for £10 each and selling over 100 so far.… Continue reading


Gillbridge Police Station To Close?

Gillbridge Police Station To Close? To begin with, the main fire station in Sunderland is facing the axe due to the austerity cuts. However, it is now clear that we may now find that the main police station in Sunderland could also close. Indeed, Gillbridge Police Station is also facing… Continue reading


Extend The Metro Into Washington

Extend The Metro Into Washington To begin with, a petition online has many hundreds of people calling for the Metro Rapid Transit System’s extension. Indeed, this is to add Washington to the grid. In fact, 900 people have signed up calling the authorities to extend the Metro into Washington. Sunderland… Continue reading


Sunderland To Be Part Of North East Super Council

Sunderland To Be Part Of North East Super Council January 2nd 2014 is when the North East has to respond to the plan for the “Super Council”.  The Secretary of State will accept the response after its submission. Indeed, all correspondence and files will be for consideration at a later… Continue reading