Niall Quinn Becomes Freeman Of Sunderland No ratings yet.

Niall Quinn Becomes Freeman Of Sunderland Indeed, Niall Quinn is now a Freeman Of The City of Sunderland. Moreover, Niall says he is happy to gain such an honour. In fact, after a mad few minutes before he said yes to the award.  He says, “I might be able to… Continue reading

Roker Lighthouse To Shine Again After 40 Years No ratings yet.

Roker Lighthouse To Shine Again After 40 Years Firstly, at the end of Roker Pier stands one of Sunderland’s most iconic land marks – Roker Lighthouse. Technically, it’s on land, although it is half a mile out to sea. Indeed, it stands proud on one of the massive breakwaters on… Continue reading

Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland No ratings yet.

The Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland To begin with, The Toy Dolls came back to Sunderland last night and it was about time. Indeed, they performed to a full house at North Shore, St Peters Campus. In brief, The Toy Dolls played a gig in The Old 29 in… Continue reading

Sunderland Fire Stations Facing Closure No ratings yet.

Sunderland Fire Stations Facing Closure Indeed, the cuts go on. But, now the emergency services are under threat. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service plan the closures which will also put 131 jobs on the line. Moreover, as part of the plans, Sunderland Central Fire Station in Millfield would… Continue reading

Hilton Hotel To Build Near The Stadium Of Light No ratings yet.

Hilton Hotel Given The Go-Ahead Next To The Stadium Of Light Indeed, the world famous hotel chain ‘Hilton Hotels’ will build a new hotel in Sunderland. Moreover, they have the go-ahead to build a new 161 bedroom hotel next to the Stadium of Light. Hilton Hotel Job Creation The area… Continue reading

Load of Poo No ratings yet.

Load of Poo Firstly, in the last 12 months, to Oct 2013 *** Sunderland Council have managed to fine just one dog owner. Moreover, this was for allowing their dog to poo on the streets of Sunderland. Indeed, what a load of poo. The council issued around 90 warning letters… Continue reading

Sunderland Health Services Force Feed You Smoke! No ratings yet.

Sunderland Health Services Force Feed You Smoke! Firstly, this is quite a headline, but it certainly would seem true and it has been going on for years. Surely it is illegal? In effect, the Sunderland health services should enforce their policy better. To begin with, the Sunderland Echo ran a… Continue reading

Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover No ratings yet.

Wearside Drinking Shocker Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover Firstly, the cost of looking after people in the City of Sunderland with drink related problems is £26.3 million! Indeed, according to the report, 26 people every day are needing some sort of treatment across the City. Moreover, medics at the… Continue reading

Councillor Lisa Smiles Benefit Fraudster No ratings yet.

Sunderland Labour Councillor, Lisa Smiles, In Benefit Fraud Scam. To begin with, the Labour Party in Sunderland Labour recently had to suspend one of its councillors. Indeed, Councillor Lisa Smiles (44), represents the voters in the St Annes ward has appeared in court. Moreover, she pleaded guilty to one charge… Continue reading

Increase In TB Cases No ratings yet.

Increase In TB Cases On Wearside To begin with, Sunderland health services are reporting of an increase in TB cases on Wearside. Indeed, the bacterial disease attacks the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body as well. The way the disease spreads is typically the same as… Continue reading