Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover

Wearside Drinking Shocker Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover Firstly, the cost of looking after people in the City of Sunderland with drink related problems is £26.3 million! Indeed, according to the report, 26 people every day are needing some sort of treatment across the City. Moreover, medics at the… Continue reading


Mick Buckley Former Sunderland Player Dies

Mick Buckley, Former Sunderland Player Dies – 1953-2013 – RIP Indeed, tributes have poured in and respects paid to former Sunderland star, Mick Buckley. To clarify, Mick played for SAFC at Roker Park from 1978 to 1983, scoring 7 goals in 121 appearances. He made his debut on 2nd September… Continue reading


Councillor Lisa Smiles Benefit Fraudster

Sunderland Labour Councillor, Lisa Smiles, In Benefit Fraud Scam. To begin with, the Labour Party in Sunderland Labour recently had to suspend one of its councillors. Indeed, Councillor Lisa Smiles (44), represents the voters in the St Annes ward has appeared in court. Moreover, she pleaded guilty to one charge… Continue reading


Increase In TB Cases

Increase In TB Cases On Wearside To begin with, Sunderland health services are reporting of an increase in TB cases on Wearside. Indeed, the bacterial disease attacks the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body as well. The way the disease spreads is typically the same as… Continue reading


James McClean Blames The Sunderland Fans

James McClean Blames The Sunderland Fans James McClean Lashes Out Indeed, one thing that James McClean should have learned recently is respect. Also, from his time at Sunderland AFC it was that he should not lash out at the fans. It doesn’t matter whether they are SAFC supporters or any… Continue reading


Meanwhile Back In Sunderland

Meanwhile Back In Sunderland In brief, this is an ITV documentary aptly titled ‘Meanwhile Back in Sunderland’. To begin with, on 05/05/1973, Sunderland AFC won the FA Cup for the second time in the club’s history. Indeed, SAFC went to Wembley as a second division side, to play Leeds United… Continue reading


Hints And Tips

To begin with, here is a collection of hints and tips that I have put together over the years. Obviously, these are my own collection which I wish to share with others. Please note that if you do use them, you do so at your own risk. Indeed, nobody else… Continue reading


Raich Carter

Horatio Stratton Carter Raich’s mother and father ran the Ocean Queen Pub for a while to keep the pennies coming in. Of course, this was after Robert came back to Sunderland due to retirement from the game. In short, it was a serious head injury at Southampton Football Club that… Continue reading