Peter O’Toole Dies – Sunderland Fan 5/5 (1)

Peter O’Toole Dies – Sunderland Fan To begin with, Sunderland AFC has lost one of its most famous supporters. Indeed, Peter O’Toole dies, a massive lads fan has died on 14th December 2013 after a long illness. So, without delay, here is an article about the great man – Peter… Continue reading

Sunderland Football Echo Ceases To Be Paper No ratings yet.

Sunderland Football Echo Ceases To Be Paper In short, its the end of an era for the Sunderland Football Echo! The pink sports paper, which has been part of Wearside’s sporting history for well over a century, will be available until December the 29th 2013. Indeed, on that day, a… Continue reading

Paul Lemon To Put Medal Up For Auction No ratings yet.

Paul Lemon To Put Medal Up For Auction Embarrassing though it may be, but Sunderland AFC did find themselves in the old third division. Indeed, this was when Paul Lemon played for the club. This is the equivalent to the new Division One which doesn’t make it sound too bad.… Continue reading

Niall Quinn Becomes Freeman Of Sunderland No ratings yet.

Niall Quinn Becomes Freeman Of Sunderland Indeed, Niall Quinn is now a Freeman Of The City of Sunderland. Moreover, Niall says he is happy to gain such an honour. In fact, after a mad few minutes before he said yes to the award.  He says, “I might be able to… Continue reading

Sunderland Is Better Than Newcastle No ratings yet.

Sunderland is better than Newcastle Sunderland is better than Newcastle and I also present the facts. Fair enough, they were took from facebook a while back but nonetheless are valid. Indeed, verification of these fact are easy enough. 01) Last team to win a home derby: Sunderland 02) Last team… Continue reading

Gus Poyet New Sunderland Head Coach No ratings yet.

Gus Poyet – The New Sunderland Head Coach Yet Another New Manager Indeed, yet again Sunderland have another new Manager or should we say Head Coach? Moreover, its a familiar thing to a Sunderland supporter right now. Gus Poyet also becomes the fifth Black Cats boss in six years. Of… Continue reading

Mick Buckley Former Sunderland Player Dies No ratings yet.

Mick Buckley, Former Sunderland Player Dies – 1953-2013 – RIP Indeed, tributes have poured in and respects paid to former Sunderland star, Mick Buckley. To clarify, Mick played for SAFC at Roker Park from 1978 to 1983, scoring 7 goals in 121 appearances. He made his debut on 2nd September… Continue reading

James McClean Blames The Sunderland Fans No ratings yet.

James McClean Blames The Sunderland Fans James McClean Lashes Out Indeed, one thing that James McClean should have learned recently is respect. Also, from his time at Sunderland AFC it was that he should not lash out at the fans. It doesn’t matter whether they are SAFC supporters or any… Continue reading

Meanwhile Back In Sunderland No ratings yet.

Meanwhile Back In Sunderland In brief, this is an ITV documentary aptly titled ‘Meanwhile Back in Sunderland’. To begin with, on 05/05/1973, Sunderland AFC won the FA Cup for the second time in the club’s history. Indeed, SAFC went to Wembley as a second division side, to play Leeds United… Continue reading

Raich Carter No ratings yet.

Horatio Stratton Carter Raich’s mother and father ran the Ocean Queen Pub for a while to keep the pennies coming in. Of course, this was after Robert came back to Sunderland due to retirement from the game. In short, it was a serious head injury at Southampton Football Club that… Continue reading