OMG The Council Can Sell Your Details

OMG The Council Can Sell Your Details

Furthermore, Sunderland City Council can sell your details too!

Indeed, we reveal today that the councils across the country can legally sell your details on!

OMG The Council Can Sell Your Details - pile of coins loads of money

Sunderland City Council Making Cash Selling Your Details

Firstly, councils have full government permission to sell on your details to companies that can use for junk mail etc. Indeed, councils can also give your details to credit agencies. In essence, this must be an unlawful act!

Sunderland City Council have made almost £20,000 pounds over the last six years. Indeed, they done that by selling on YOUR details without YOUR permission! In contrast, Durham County Council made a massive £6,000 over the last year alone!

The taxpayers’ Alliance also gave their concerns saying the law must change to protect people. Jonathan Isaby says “the figures would make people feel fearful”. Indeed, this is a view the Sunderland Blog takes too on behalf of the residents of Sunderland.

Sunderland Council Can Sell Your Details Also

Sunderland Council claim they have “no choice” in the matter. Dave Smith, electoral Registrations officer for the City Council continues, “it (the council) has a legal and statutory duty to supply the information”. Mr Smith then says “the law allows electors to opt out of the edited register and up to now nearly 60,000 have done just that out of 216,281”.

Indeed, this information is disgusting. Obviously, people should not have the option to opt out they should have the option to opt in. But then again this is a money making venture by the councils across the country.

The Sunderland Blog asked 10 people if they agree with this, obviously everyone said no. Not only that but they said they feed very uncomfortable at the revelations.

Finally, next time you register with the elections office look for the “opt out” option and tick it. To clarify, companies can buy your details off the council. Indeed, you are like cattle at the market if you don’t opt out of this racket.

Read more about this disgraceful act.

Obviously, you may comment here or in the massive Sunderland Forum.

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