Councillor Lisa Smiles Benefit Fraudster

Sunderland Labour Councillor, Lisa Smiles, In Benefit Fraud Scam.

Lisa Smiles - a Sunderland Labour Councillor admitted she committed benefit fraud

Lisa Smiles, Sunderland Labour Councillor Fraudster

To begin with, the Labour Party in Sunderland recently had to suspend one of its councillors. Indeed, Councillor Lisa Smiles (44), represents the voters in the St Annes ward has appeared in court. Moreover, she pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to notify the local authority of a change in circumstances. Consequently, the Labour Party in Sunderland took action.

Smiles claimed more than £2,000 in housing benefit she didn’t have entitlement to. In fact, from March 2011 to April 2012, she took money by deception. Indeed, Lisa Smiles, of Porchester Road, Pennywell, Sunderland, did not even declare her councillor’s allowance.

Lisa Smiles – Sunderland Labour Councillor Failure

Her fine was £150 and she has to pay £120 court costs with a £20 victim surcharge.  At this time we don’t whether Smiles has an order to pay back the money. Obviously she scammed the taxpayers. So it makes sense to pay it all back.

Obviously, Sunderland City Council’s code of conduct is quite clear. That is to say, ‘All members and employees have the obligation to help engender a good reputation for the council’.

Lisa Smiles and the Labour Party in Sunderland have proven something to the voters. Not even the adverse publicity surrounding the previous expenses scam was enough to put certain people off scamming the system. Sunderland Council’s reputation has indeed suffered a little damage. So we wait to see what action the council take as a result of this case.

Finally, Sunderland folk can’t stand back and watch those who represent us, steal money. This happened while ordinary folk are suffering from the austerity cuts. Wearside Online therefore call for Sunderland Council and the Labour Party to act accordingly. In fact, the only real option is to ensure that she does not represent the people of Wearside again.


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3 Responses to Councillor Lisa Smiles Benefit Fraudster

  1. Wearside Rambler says:

    Well there you have it. Sunderland City Council have revealed that it has no say in the matter. Apparently if Lisa Smiles, the Labour Party Councillor for St. Annes Ward, got three months imprisonment they could have sacked her.

    Lisa Smiles serves the people of Pennywell and South Hylton and has not met the criteria needed for the city council to sack her. The best and most dignified way for the Labour Party crook to go is to do the right thing and resign.

    This case is a bad one – maybe Councillor Smiles is not so much a Mona Lisa but laughing all the way to the bank.

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  2. Wearside Rambler says:


    Lisa Smiles, the shamed Labour Party councillor in Sunderland, has now resigned.

    A victory for the Sunderland Forum and Blogs which only seeks the truth and common sense.

    *Members of the Labour Party shouted down Conservative Councillor, Lee Martin when he questioned matters relating to benefit fraud. Well they would wouldn’t they!

    Vote against corruption, benefits cheats, liars and thieves when you get the chance.

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  3. Wearside Rambler says:

    Did you think that when the shamed Labour Party Councillor, Lisa Smiles, stood down from politics in Sunderland that would be the end?

    Think again!

    The money grabbing woman continued to claim expenses from the taxpayers in the city even though she never attended any council meetings.

    Its all legal as well.

    In total, she claimed £5422 of allowances so after paying back the benefit fiddle, Lisa Smiles from Pennywell, Sunderland is still thousands better off.

    The editorial in the Sunderland Echo says it would be nice if she gave this profit to charity …… “but don’t hold your breath”.

    Lisa Smiles has not said anything since the scam. She could easily address the electorate and explain things to people who can’t get their heads around what has happened.

    There could be a few simple misunderstandings but until Lisa lets us know we can only speculate.

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