Hodgkin Street Murder

To begin with, here we tell the story of the Hodgkin Street Murder of 1889. This was a brutal killing in the East End of Sunderland. In this case, the Hodgkin Street Murder still remains unsolved. This is despite the coroner saying that the truth would come out one day!… Continue reading


Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton was born on 31st of October 1832 in Low Moorsely (now City of Sunderland), County Durham, UK. She married 4 times and her husbands were; William Mowbray, George Ward, James Robinson and Frederick Cotton. Therefore, her other names were, Mary Ann Robson (birth name), Mary Ann Mowbray,… Continue reading


Ancient Sunderland Crimes

To begin with, this is a page that explores some ancient Sunderland crimes. Obviously, some of the charges may appear a little strange. But, the times were different then. Indeed, some of the sentences may appear a little harsh too. So, let us take a look at some ancient Sunderland… Continue reading


Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox

To begin with, Malcolm Fairley is an extremely evil man guilty of rape. So, this article could be disturbing to some sensitive people. Therefore, only read on should you really need to learn about this despicable Wearsider. Born in 1952, Malcolm Fairley was the youngest of nine children and indeed… Continue reading