Mysteries from across Sunderland and the north of England

Indeed, this section deals with mysteries from the area

To begin with, Wearside is steeped history, particularly Sunderland. Indeed, with all that history comes many mysteries too. Therefore, we have this mysteries site index page to help navigate around the website. Obviously, if you know of other mysteries from this area, please let us know. Indeed, we allow posts from all over the area in certain sections. For example, in the ghosts section we have a list of ghosts from all over the north!

Generally speaking, mysteries can be about anything. Indeed, if there are unexplained articles or issues across the area, we will list them. So, this could include Ghosts, UFO’s, unsolved crime or anything that is mysterious.


Ghost stories have been around forever, of course. People’s interest with ghosts and hauntings has never wavered. With this in mind we have five whole pages on the subject. Obviously, click the link on the left to see our ghost stories. Also, let us know if you have others to add. So, here we list all the ghost stories we have on site right now:

A to C here.
D to G here

Archie Armstrong’s Ghost
Bamburgh Castle Ghost
Beamish Ghosts
Bellister Castle’s Grey Man
Berwick Vampire
Carlisle Castle Ghost
Cauld Lad Of Hylton
Did She Or Didn’t She?
Dirty Bottles Of Alnwick
Durham Prison
Featherstone Reception
Feeding Frenzy
Ghost of Blenkinsopp Castle
Ghostly Shopper

H to M here
N to S here

Havelock Haunting
I Will Not Be Moved
Jimmy’s Pipes
Lady In White
Langley’s Headless Horse
Levens Hall Ghosts
Lily of Lumley
Maid Of Meldon
Man About The House
Marsden Grotto Ghost
Miller of Lumley
Most Haunted Castle In Britain
Nightmare Nana
Nuisance Of Newbottle
Raby Castle’s Ghosts
South Shields’ Tale
Sunderland Empire Ghosts

Those below are here

The Lovers
The Ploughman And The Flower
The Spook of Houghton
The Toff
Washington’s Grey Lady

To repeat, should you have any decent ghost stories, or would like to add to those we already have, contact us. Obviously, your story can be anything do do with the supernatural. But remember that Wearside Online deals with anything local. So, join in today.


UFO Sightings

For these, click here.

Wearside UFO
Helicopters Chase UFO In Sunderland
Tyneside Sightings
UFO Spotted in Consett

If you have saw any UFOs in your area, we want to know of course. Obviously, you can post your own account of what you saw. But, if backed up with other evidence, post that too. You can also use the Sunderland Forum for this too if you want to start a debate on the message boards (SMB).


Miscellaneous Mysteries

For these stories, click here

Raining Fish
The Hermitage


Cauld Lad of Hylton Castle - Sunderland ghosts

The Cauld Lad of Hylton still haunts this Sunderland castle

To Sum Up

Finally, Wearside Online covers just about everything, including the unexplained. Indeed, our section here about local mysteries is concise but we do go into detail if you click the appropriate links. So, if you wish to add to these mysteries or have some new ones, fill in this form and tell us.

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