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Indeed, this is the Uncategorised section at Wearside Online

To begin with, Wearside Online is a massive website brimming with information about our area. But, we don’t just stop there. In other words, we have a lot of other things going on too. Of course, we have categorised all the main pages and posts for Sunderland and Wearside. However, for those odds and ends that have no category, we list them here.

Wearside Online allows anyone to post articles as and when they want. Indeed, you do not even have to register. However, always choose the correct category when posting. But if no appropriate one is available, choose ‘Uncategorised’.

Uncategorised Articles Below

Obviously, the following articles are snippets from the main posts. So, to read the full articles, click the appropriate links.

Wearside Quiz 01

Indeed, this is Wearside Quiz 01, the easiest trivia in this section. There are 20 multiple choice questions and a possible 100 points to play for. So, have a go and share your results on Facebook etc. Wearside Quiz 01 We obviously, thank you for playing the Wearside Trivia –… Continue reading


SAFC Quiz 01

Firstly, welcome to our Sunderland AFC quiz page – this is our easy SAFC Quiz 01. Indeed, there are 20 multiple choice questions to answer. Then we show the answers at the end of the quiz. SAFC Quiz 01 Obviously, we would like to thank you for entering the Sunderland… Continue reading


Sunderland Music Scene In The Sixties

To begin with, we have put together some information about the Sunderland music scene in the sixties. Obviously, if there is a connection to Wearside, we will show this. Of course, if you know more about their trips to Sunderland or the Wearside area, let us know. Moreover, if you… Continue reading


Wear Cooking

To begin with, this is the Wear Cooking introduction page. Obviously, this is the virtual online kitchen for all. Moreover, our recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are simple enough to find. Therefore, there is no excuse now, start cooking! Wear Cooking So, what exactly is in the… Continue reading


Wear Cooking Main Meals

To begin with, there are three pages of main meals here in the Wearside Kitchen. Of course, the recipes are simple enough to follow. Moreover, all the ingredients are easy to get hold of.  In fact, there are 20 recipes to help you make some delicious main meals. So, have… Continue reading


Wear Cooking Deserts

To begin with, there are three pages of deserts and pudding recipes here in the Wearside Kitchen. Of course, all the ingredients are easy to get hold of. Moreover, the recipes are simple enough to follow. In fact there are 16 deserts and pudding recipes. So, go on and give… Continue reading


Wear Cooking Cakes And Biscuits

To begin with, welcome to the Wearside Kitchen. Furthermore, this cakes and biscuits section has three pages of recipes. Obviously, the ingredients are all easy to obtain and cooking them is simple. So, go on and give you or the kids a treat and make some cakes or biscuits today.… Continue reading


Wear Cooking Appetizers

In short, there are 3 pages of appetizers here at the Wearside Kitchen.  Of course, all our recipes are easy to follow and there are 16 different appetizers to choose from. So, why not treat yourself or the kids today. Appetizers – Page 1 Cheese Straws 1 packet of frozen… Continue reading


Hints And Tips

To begin with, here is a collection of hints and tips that I have put together over the years. Obviously, these are my own collection which I wish to share with others. Please note that if you do use them, you do so at your own risk. Indeed, nobody else… Continue reading