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Kate Adie

Kate Adie journalist for the BBC - massive Sunderland fan
Kate Adie (born 19th September 1945 in Whitley Bay) was adopted by a Sunderland family as a child so grew up and went to school in the town. She went on to become of the BBC’s most famous journalists, starting on radio at BBC Radio Durham.
Kate reported on the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 which was her ‘big break’.

Indeed, she reported live and without a script to one of the largest news audiences ever while she took refuge behind a car door. Kate Adie is a massive fan of Sunderland AFC, so for that, we take our hats of to her.

The Venerable Bede

Venerable Bede Sunderland Saint
The Venerable Bede, born in 672 AD in the area then known as Wearmouth and Jarrow. Out of all famous Sunderland people, Saint Bede stands head and shoulders above them all.
He was educated at the monastery of Wearmouth on the River ‘Wiri’ by Benedict Biscop, and later he also trained by Ceolfrith. Most people regard Bede as the ‘Father of English History’ of course.

During his time at Wearmouth and Jarrow, he produced a number of ‘best sellers’, including the ‘Ecclesiastical History of the English People’ and ‘The Life of St Cuthbert’. St. Peter’s Church (AD674) remains as a memorial to Bede’s link with the town. There is also a more modern memorial the Saxon Cross at Cliffe Park, Seaburn, Sunderland.

Jack Casey

Jack Casey - Cast Iron - Sunderland Boxer
Jack Casey also known as ‘Cast Iron Casey’ was probably Sunderland’s most famous boxer. From 1926, when he started boxing, until 16 years later, he had over 200 fights. On 12th December 1932 he fought for the British middleweight at Newcastle but lost on points.

Jack Crawford

Famous Sunderland People - Jack Crawford
Famous Sunderland people: Jack Crawford (sailor) Hero of Camperdown – find his own full page here.

Billy Hardy

Billy Hardy Boxer From Sunderland
Billy Hardy born in Sunderland on 5th September 1964. He is a former bantamweight and featherweight boxer champion. Billy held the British championship at bantamweight and featherweight as well as the European and Commonwealth featherweight titles.
His professional record was 37-9-2 with 17 knockouts. The Billy Hardy Sports Centre, in Castletown still bears his name.

Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson Sunderland Jockey
Ernie Johnson, a Sunderland born jockey, won racings greatest prize when he rode Blakeney to victory in the 1969 Epsom Derby. His last competitive win was on Desert Sand at Ayr in September 1998.
His last competitive race was in 2002 but he rode in a few ‘legends’ races.

Bob Paisley

Bob Paisley born in Sunderland manager of Liverpool
Bob Paisley was born in Hetton-le-Hole, County Durham (Now City of Sunderland) on the 23rd January 1919. He went on to become the most successful football manager of all time in England.
Bob never forgot his roots and always followed Sunderland AFC. However, he spent 50 years with Liverpool FC as player, then manager.

Bob Paisley won the lot with Liverpool, can you imagine if Sunderland had him for so long? He died on the 14th February 1996 and his grave is in Liverpool, however, there is a memorial to him in Hetton too.

Denise Robertson

Denise Robertson Sunderland Television Agony Aunt
Denise Robertson is a Sunderland-born novelist and TV agony aunt. She was the agony aunt off ‘This Morning’ and lives in Tunstall. As well as being the likeable agony aunt for Richard and Judy, Denise is also a successful author.
EDIT: sadly, Denise died on 31st March 2016.

Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson - Sunderland Town Crier - Wearsiders
Thomas Sanderson has his own page, so click here for more information about the town crier.

Harry Watts

Harry Watts rescuer from Sunderland
Harry Watts 15 was born in Sunderland’s East End on the 15th June 1826 (died on the 23rd April 1913). Watt became a sailor after suffering from hunger in the rough world of the East End.
However, he is responsible for saving the lives of over 40 people and assisted in the rescue of over 120 more people in waters around the world, including on the River Wear.

Andrew White

Andrew White Sunderland's first mayor
Andrew White was born in Thorney Close, Sunderland in 1788. His father, John, was a ship owner and also owned a colliery in Sunderland. Andrew then became Sunderland’s first mayor on New Years Day in 1836. He died twenty years later in 1856.

Bob Willis

Bob Willis - Sunderland Cricketer
Bob Willis was born in Sunderland on 30th May 1949. But when he was only a few weeks old, his family went to Manchester because of his fathers job. From 1969 to 1984 he played first class cricket for Surrey and Warwickshire.
He then went on to play for England and captained his country on 18 occasions.

Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson from Sunderland - Premier of Western Australia
In short, Frank Wilson was born in 1859 at Monkwearmouth in Sunderland. In 1886 he emigrated to Australia where he became the Premier of Western Australia on 13th December 1918.

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