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Sunderland Forum Rules - A Summary

To begin with, the Sunderland Forum is a local community platform for Wearsiders, Mackems and SAFC supporters everywhere. Indeed, we have very few rules because we work on common sense. For example, why say no discrimination when it is against the law to discriminate! Moreover, you are fully responsible for anything you post. So, stay within the law. Although, we do moderate the forums where possible, we can't possibly check every post.

Just to point out that the Sunderland Forum, in all its forms, has always been a family friendly forum. With this in mind, we have a few rules which should keep the boards running smoothly.

01) You must never humiliate another member of the Sunderland Forum in any way.
02) New posts should be in the appropriate forum.
03) While we encourage members to post often, please try and reply to posts with more than one word or just a smiley.
04) New topics should indeed have around 50 words minimum although this can be shorter if it all makes sense.
05) Swearing is not allowed.
07) Filth and smut is also not allowed.
08) Links to dubious websites are not allowed too.
09) By joining the Sunderland Forum, you also agree to abide by whatever rules we have now or in the future.

Since this is a summary of the rules here at the Sunderland Forum, please check here for the full rules.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy your stay at the Sunderland Forum and call back often.