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Sunderland Forum Rules and Code of Conduct

Here at the Sunderland Forum we need a set of guidelines to help keep the message boards running smoothly. The job is difficult enough but we also have rules which we need to abide by too. Therefore, the rules and guidelines here help all of us stay safe online which we have successfully done for many years and will continue to do so.

If you feel as if you can't abide by the rules, then please do not sign up because we will enforce them - we have to!

Forum Information

The Sunderland Forum is a family friendly forum which anyone can view, whether a member or not (with the exception of a few forums that non-members can't view because they are less moderated). This is why we don't allow swearing, for example.

We promote local values including the Mackem language or any local dialect which you can use in your posts but we don't allow "txt spk". Please leave that to your mobile phone conversations.

The Sunderland Forum is about quality not quantity. We have a ranking system based on the number of posts you make but please avoid using smilies as a reply in order to increase your number of posts. Try for at least one or two lines as a minimum but if you really want an easily found thread, place a lot of original content in it.

We operate a city-wide forum which has many topics. Football is a small part of the forum but is not the main subject. However we do recognise that SAFC is special to many people, and as such, The Lads have their own forum for those who support the Black Cats.

All members are fully responsible for their posts. The Sunderland Forum or anyone associated with it does not accept any responsibility for anything said or posted here. All posts here views of individual members of this forum. They are not necessarily the views of the Sunderland Forum team, Wearside Online, The City of Sunderland, SAFC or any other organisation. They are merely views of individual members of this forum.

Here are the main rules which are subject to change and varying discretion:

Joining Requirements

01) Anyone can join the Sunderland Forum but you must be at least 13 years old. However, we will ban anyone who plays the fool.
02) People from outside the Wearside are can still join in as long as they have an interest in the area or are SAFC supporters etc.
03) You must treat all members with respect - we don't allow flaming of other people.
04) We also don't allow members to wind up others or troll the forum. Also, if you take offence easily, just walk away to avoid confrontation.
05) You visit the Sunderland Forum at your own risk. Occasionally there will be things you find offensive, or insulting. Unfortunately the moderating team cannot read every post. If you see something offensive - report it for consideration. However, we do encourage free speech as long as it is legal. We will delete anything that we think is offensive such as racist or homophobic posts etc. Posting illegal or offensive articles will result in a warning or banning order.

Posting Rules (Rigidly enforced)

01) We don't allow pictures or videos of an extreme nature.
02) Sexually explicit pictures is not permissible but legal sexy images may be - there is a difference!
03) We obviously don't allow links to either sexually explicit sites or other extreme imagery.
04) We don't allow spam, of course.
05) Please do not copy and paste vast amounts of material from other sources. However, it may be acceptable to copy and paste one or two lines and then a link to it so others can view the original text themselves. Some text is copyrighted and repetition like this is not good for the boards in other ways.
06) In order to prevent repetition on these boards you should not reproduce a whole post when replying to it. If you can't reproduce one or two lines, then use the "mentions" option to alert the original poster to which you are replying to. If you wish to address individual points, this is a different matter, but ensure that you separate the points and reply to them individually.
07) No swearing, show respect for others by using another word!

Posting Rules Continued (Enforceable Using Discretion)

07) These Wearside message boards have many categories, so please use the appropriate forum for your topic. Each one is self-explanatory.
08) Please don't hijack a thread or go off topic too much. If you must go off topic, then make a new thread!
09) When you start a new thread you should try to pack in as much content as possible. One liners have their place but lots of content can really stir up a conversation.
10) Try not advertise businesses, products for sale or personal sites on the forum. All advertising of this nature should be done in the free Sunderland classified adverts site (part of our network). You will need to join that, but this way you remain anonymous and your forum identity will stay safe.

Posting Guidelines (Advisory)

01) Try to be clear about anything you post. We are not concerned about spelling or grammar and suchlike just as long as others can understand your message.
02) Separate lines for individual sentences can sometimes help to keep things tidy but this is your decision.
03) You may post images and videos as long as they are legal. In fact, we encourage users to do this, especially YouTube videos which are always acceptable.


When you sign up as a member of the Sunderland Forum you are accepting the rules and terms associated with it. You also accept that our policy can change over time and you will attempt to acknowledge any changes.

Behind user names are real people who may have different opinions or orientation to yourself. This is why we only allow respect for others.

Sour grapes

Please don't take offence, but the decisions of an Admin or Moderator are final on all matters. Also, please do not argue with them as they have already given up much of their time to moderate the boards.

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