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New Quiz Night in Sunderland City Centre

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Sunday Night Quiz - The Albert - Sunderland City Centre

Post by DanielQuizSunderland »

Hi guys

I just wanted to mention a quiz I am still running in Sunderland City Centre at The Albert. I posted about it a few months back and since then its continued to grow.

The Albert is on Fawcett Street opposite-ish Wilkinsons and the Post Office. It used to be the Old Vestry and has been open just over a year now and is one of the friendliest bars in town!

The quiz starts 7.30pm every week until around 10pm. We give away £200 in prizes every week roughly with a rolling jackpot and I always make sure the quiz is fun for all. Mixture of rounds from Pictures to Music to News to General Knowledge to Connections to the all new Grid Round!

Its a fun night out for all!

It would be great to see some new teams from the forum. Id probably advise getting there around 7ish to get a table but if you want to reserve one let me know and Ill get it booked for you!

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Re: New Quiz Night in Sunderland City Centre

Post by Jackal »

Sorry I have had to merge these three topics. Advertising the same event is classed as spamming but I allowed that as a one off. Three times is way over the top, sorry. However, you may also advertise on the blogs which sometimes gets better results. I don't moderate there but I can assure you they won't allow spam. Try it out but don't copy and paste what you posted here as that will never work for you. And they don't allow duplicate posts - they are much, much stricter on the blog so I suggest reading the page before you submit an event - https://wearsideonline.com/blogging/submit-posts/

..... and Sunderland, the underdogs, are in the lead!

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