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Useless Labour leaflet in Millfield

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Useless Labour leaflet in Millfield

Post by Trish »

Useless Labour leaflet in Millfield

In Millfield the Lib-Dems are very active and we have the best councillors in Sunderland, try them out!
I have a leaflet that the Labour Party sent out recently entitles 'Help keep our local community clean'
Are they having a laugh, they run the council and we are on weekly bin collections now!#
Not only that, until the Lib-Dems came along they were responsible for the rubbish around here :?

The leaflet goes on .... apparently they had a meeting and they wanted to put a leaflet out here - it looks like it was reluctantly though :lol:

Right, here is what the patronising leaflet is all about but remember it's from the Labour Party looking for votes in an area they lost.

01) How do I put my rubbish out for collection - what!
02) What days are my bins emptied - what!
03) Putting extra waste out - they go on to say how to squeeze rubbish in the bins!

...... your local Labour councillors get things done for Millfield Ward all year round!

But they don't, we don't even know who they are.
Honestly, you have to live in Millfield to see why Labour lost this place but more to the point they talk a load of rubbish!

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Re: Useless Labour leaflet in Millfield

Post by Jenky »

Labour won't like the Lib-Dems making them work for a change.

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