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Labour Party Calendar

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Labour Party Calendar

Post by Trish »

Just found a 2019 calendar from the Labour Party that I am about to bin.
You know that NEW Labour Party that has destroyed parts of Sunderland over the years.
The same Party that refuse point blank to support the people of Sunderland who voted 60% in favour of leaving the EU but are still NOT acting on our democratic wishes. Oh is that what they call democracy.

Anyway they have on this calendar 'working hard for you'.
That does not go down well with my statement above.
Those people think they can go against our wishes and democracy, well they can't - AND THEY ARE NOT WORKING HARD FOR US!
Millfied ward has voted out two Labour councillors in succession and now its time to vote out the last remaining councillor whoever they are.
We have chosen Lib-Dems in Millfield because those people ARE working hard for us and we SEE them in action.

The rest of Sunderland should stand up against Labour and vote them out.
You don't have to vote for the Labour Party just because your dad did - that was OLD Labour - when they were on our side.
Do what Millfield has done and turn your backs on them - we now have hard workers in our ward :cheers:

Oh aye and on the top of the calendar it says 'don't forget to vote on May 2nd' ........ we wont :rolling:

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Re: Labour Party Calendar

Post by Crawford »

Wish you well in your Lib-Dem campaign :mrgreen:

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