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Rules of the Sunderland AFC Prediction Competitions

Posted: 16 Aug 2013, 13:50
by Mighty Quinn
Rules of the Sunderland AFC Prediction Competitions

The Sunderland Forum has included a Black Cats result prediction contest with a prize for the winner.
All you need do is correctly predict the SAFC score and the first goal in the game.
Obviously, to win, there needs to be at least one goal in the game!
You can predict 0-0 scorelines but that will not win any prizes.

1) Only staff can start a prediction thread.

2) You may only predict the Sunderland AFC score once for each game and you must do so before kick off.

3) You should predict the Sunderland score and the give the time of the Black Cats' first goal.

4) The winner will be the member who correctly predicts the Sunderland Score and the time of the first goal.

5) Winners will gain VIP status and an appropriate badge that you can proudly display.