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Avatars on the Sunderland Forum

Posted: 30 Mar 2015, 15:26
by Bob
Avatars on the Sunderland Forum

Loads more avatars have been uploaded for use on the Sunderland Forum. Its first come first served so grab one today unless you are doing your own. To get to the forum avatars go to User control panel > Profile > Edit Avatar > and then use the categories by the drop down boxes. Indeed, there are many avatars to use.

We encourage the use of avatars so if you don't like the ones already on site then please consider uploading your own. The dimensions cannot be bigger than 130 megapixels wide and 130 megapixels tall. If you see a picture what you like bit it is too big then all you need do is open it in paint and reduce its size to the dimensions above or smaller if you want to be awkward :lol:

Make sure the size is correct then do as above but look for "upload avatar" then point to your image and upload it.
Be as adventurous as you like within reason ;)

If you need help then just give a shout and I am sure we can help you.