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Current Ranking System on the Sunderland Forum

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Mighty Quinn
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Current Ranking System on the Sunderland Forum

Post by Mighty Quinn » 06 Feb 2016, 22:28

Current Ranking System on the Sunderland Forum


Here is the current ranking system we will be using here.
Your rank could be all down to the amount of posts you make.
For example, once you post 500 times you will be made up to City MP.

We do have special ranks available for anyone who wins the SAFC predictions competitions.
There are other ranks available when needed, ie for those who have done something special for the forum.
In some instances you may be able to choose your own rank, so you could become an Elite Mackem for instance.
At present here's what we have but we are open to suggestions:

Ranks Based On Post Count

01) Wearside Resident
02) Voter
03) Active Citizen
04) Candidate
05) Party Organiser
06) Town Crier
07) Local Councillor
08) Local MP
09) Mayor
10) Wearside Legend
11) VIP - Freedom of the City

Specials - You Must Request These

01) SAFC FAN - this could be useful for those who only post in the Football Forum (no access to the banter forum).
02) SUNDERLAND CASUALS - gives access to all forums and the Football Banter Forum.
03) WINNER - this is for those who win forum competitions.
04) DONATOR - for those wishing to donate to the running costs of Wearside Online.
05) MAGGIE - for those deluded fans of a such a dull club.

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Local Legend
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Re: Current Ranking System on the Sunderland Forum

Post by cam » 24 Aug 2016, 17:14

I am nearly a City MP :lolboard:

I might have the day off today!

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Re: Current Ranking System on the Sunderland Forum

Post by Jackal » 25 Aug 2016, 21:16

cam wrote:I am nearly a City MP :lolboard:
Cam, I have no doubt that you will get there before others.

..... and Sunderland, the underdogs, are in the lead!

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Light Brigade
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Re: Current Ranking System on the Sunderland Forum

Post by Light Brigade » 26 Aug 2016, 00:20

I want to be a City Legend :lolboard:

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