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Cop 26

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Freedom of the City
Freedom of the City
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Re: Cop 26

Post by cam »

Sunderland Nut wrote: 17 Nov 2021, 16:20
You paid for it by supporting their industry!
That's like the stupid smokers who are paying to kill themselves!

I might have the day off today!
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Freedom of the City
Freedom of the City
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Re: Cop 26

Post by Steve30000 »

https://www.ft.com/content/207a8762-e00 ... a487a0995f

She likes to mouth off and criticise, but where's her solutions? Where's her ideas? She's like the starmer of climate debate...

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Sunderland Nut
Freedom of the City
Freedom of the City
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Re: Cop 26

Post by Sunderland Nut »

Link don't work so no idea who its about.

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Re: Cop 26

Post by Crawford »

There will be conclusions to this meeting so has anyone got a link to a brief summary of the outcome?

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