Hylton Castle

Hylton Castle Furthermore, it is easy to find as there is a large housing estate adjacent, aptly catted Hylton Castle Estate. To begin with, the original castle was a wooden construction from a time just after the Norman Conquest in 1066. In essence, it was for an influential family with… Continue reading


Sunderland Echo

Sunderland Echo Sunderland Had Two Other Papers At first, the Echo faced fierce competition from the two established weeklies in Sunderland, The Sunderland Herald and Sunderland Times. Indeed, Samuel Storey tells us about how and why the Sunderland Echo came about. In fact, Storey states in an article, The Sunderland… Continue reading


Sunderland Workhouse

To begin with, a workhouse was a place where those unable to support themselves could get accommodation and employment. Indeed, the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 had made it the duty of every parish to maintain its poor. There were other laws prior to this date which were more about… Continue reading


Monkwearmouth Station

Monkwearmouth Station In essence, this combination was always going to be a railway station to be a showpiece for Victorian Britain. Indeed, Monkwearmouth Station opened in 1848 and was one of the main railway lines in Sunderland. In fact it was the main railway station in Sunderland at one point.… Continue reading


Hills Bookshop

To begin with, William Henry Hills started the oldest established booksellers and stationers in Sunderland, Hills Bookshop. Indeed, this was on Christmas Eve, 1852. Moreover, his very first shop was at 186, High Street on the corner with Nile Street. Of course, those days, this was the commercial centre in… Continue reading


Blacklock Jewellers

Blacklock Jewellers To begin with, this is the story of the Blacklock family and their jewellery shops. Robert Blacklock was working on the Tyne as a shipwright when he decided to open his first shop. This was indeed, a jewellers and pawnbrokers at Bedford Street, Sunderland in 1832. In fact,… Continue reading


Fulwell Windmill

Fulwell Windmill To begin with, in the 1800’s milling was a major industry. Indeed, there were nearly a hundred windmills in the north east. However, Fulwell Windmill is one of the few remaining working windmills left. The windmill’s construction is from magnesian limestone from the nearby quarry of course. Joseph… Continue reading



Bishopwearmouth To begin with, Bishopwearmouth is an area in Sunderland, North East England covering around 20 square miles. Of course, this encompasses settlements such as Ryhope, Silksworth and the original Sunderland. In fact, this was one of the three areas that merged together to form the beginning of modern Sunderland.… Continue reading


Binns Department Store

Binns Department Store Sunderland To begin with, Binns has a very long and colourful history with its roots in Sunderland. In fact, the Binns department store in Fawcett Street, Sunderland was the second largest ‘shop’ in the UK. Harrods in London having the number one spot, of course. Indeed, Binns… Continue reading


Wearmouth Bridge

To begin with, the Wearmouth Bridge crosses over the River Wear in Sunderland. In essence, it is the first bridge you encounter when travelling up from the mouth of the river. Prior to its construction, getting from Monkwearmouth to Bishopwearmouth was by using a ferry boat. In fact, the nearest… Continue reading