Thomas Sanderson Sunderland Town Crier

Tommy and Bella would also pick up coals that were lying about the local quayside. After carrying the coal home, Bella would also play her part and help to sell it. In essence, they would only make a few halfpennies on the coal but it would help them get by.… Continue reading


Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland

The Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland To begin with, The Toy Dolls came back to Sunderland last night and it was about time. Indeed, they performed to a full house at North Shore, St Peters Campus. In brief, The Toy Dolls played a gig in The Old 29 in… Continue reading


Empire Theatre

Sunderland Empire Theatre Also, with all standing room, its capacity can go over 2,250. In short, Brothers William and Thomas Ridley Milburn from Sunderland were the architects who designed the Empire Theatre. Indeed, it is a fine example of Edwardian theatre architecture which opened its doors on 1st July 1907.… Continue reading



To begin with, around 11 miles south of Sunderland lies the town of Easington in County Durham. The town contains both the ancient village of Easington together with the Easington colliery, the ex-mining town. So, let us explore this small town which has a population of 7,193 (2011). Easington Indeed,… Continue reading


Sunniside, Sunderland

Sunniside, Sunderland To begin with, Sunniside is an area in Sunderland City Centre. Indeed, its boundaries are, Borough Road, Fawcett Street and the  Sunderland Inner Ring road. Of course it is an old area and you will find many solicitors have their offices here. There are also many estate agents… Continue reading


Roker Park

Roker Park, Sunderland However, Roker Park attracted very little attention until the late 19th Century. Indeed, the earliest development was the building of Roker Terrace along the sea front on the cliff tops. This was in the 1840’s and those buildings are still standing. Roker still did not have the… Continue reading


Sunderland Workhouse

To begin with, a workhouse was a place where those unable to support themselves could get accommodation and employment. Indeed, the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 had made it the duty of every parish to maintain its poor. There were other laws prior to this date which were more about… Continue reading


Monkwearmouth Station

Monkwearmouth Station In essence, this combination was always going to be a railway station to be a showpiece for Victorian Britain. Indeed, Monkwearmouth Station opened in 1848 and was one of the main railway lines in Sunderland. In fact it was the main railway station in Sunderland at one point.… Continue reading


Hills Bookshop

To begin with, William Henry Hills started the oldest established booksellers and stationers in Sunderland, Hills Bookshop. Indeed, this was on Christmas Eve, 1852. Moreover, his very first shop was at 186, High Street on the corner with Nile Street. Of course, those days, this was the commercial centre in… Continue reading


Blacklock Jewellers

Blacklock Jewellers To begin with, this is the story of the Blacklock family and their jewellery shops. Robert Blacklock was working on the Tyne as a shipwright when he decided to open his first shop. This was indeed, a jewellers and pawnbrokers at Bedford Street, Sunderland in 1832. In fact,… Continue reading