James McClean Blames The Sunderland Fans

James McClean Blames The Sunderland Fans

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James McClean was once Sunderland’s ‘find of the season’ but fell then out of favour. Indeed, McClean refused to wear a poppy to respect the war dead.

James McClean Lashes Out

Indeed, one thing that James McClean should have learned recently is respect. Also, from his time at Sunderland AFC it was that he should not lash out at the fans. It doesn’t matter whether they are SAFC supporters or any other club’s supporters – you just do not do it.

By crying to the press men saying it was the supporters that drove him out has surely brought it to the attention of ALL Sunderland fans. There were certain few sections in the crowd that booed McClean but certainly not ALL the crowd.

Controversially, James McClean chose to play for the Republic of Ireland instead of Northern Ireland. He also refused to wear a Sunderland shirt that had a poppy on for one game.

The speedy winger played very poor football last season for the Wearsiders. He either had a nosedive if form or he refused to play to the best of his ability for Sunderland. McClean must realise that by leaving Sunderland and ending up at Wigan, his playing in the Premier League are ending. Especially since he was annoying quite a few people. Obviously, it could be in his head. This is because most people can’t even recall any boos against him! Who would want to sign a player that refuses to respect customs. Especially since his blood boils easily at the sound of the odd boo?

Stick For McClean

For upsetting ‘the fans’ while having a swipe at them in the press, James McClean will certainly get some stick. Moreover, if he ever gets the chance to play against Sunderland in future he will know about it.

Walking away from a small minority of aggrieved Sunderland fans with dignity would have been a better option for McClean. But that’s part of his learning curve not observed yet.

Finally, the second-rate player will fade away into oblivion. Indeed, many others have since they left Sunderland disgracefully.

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