Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox

To begin with, Malcolm Fairley is an extremely evil man guilty of rape. So, this article could be disturbing to some sensitive people. Therefore, only read on should you really need to learn about this despicable Wearsider.

Born in 1952, Malcolm Fairley was the youngest of nine children and indeed was a very shy family member. He grew up in the Silksworth area of Sunderland but his shyness didn’t stop him from committing crime. In fact, as a teenager he got in trouble regularly for theft and burglary.

Nonetheless, despite his petty crimes, Fairley managed to find a wife by the age of 19. However, his wife soon found out that Fairley was violent and the marriage came to an end. But, he soon found another wife and settled with her in nearby Peterlee. Indeed, things must have been working for a while because they had three children together.

Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox

In 1983, Fairley’s second marriage was breaking down so he moved down south to Bedfordshire. Working as a labourer, Fairley’s warped mind was deteriorating further and he soon began exercising his true character. In reality, his violent nature and criminal mind combined to unleash a reign of terror during the Summer of 1984.

People nicknamed him The Fox because he had the ability to escape capture by getting away through the woods. However, tension around The Chilterns area was pretty tense. The people were so angry that vigilante groups formed and patrolled the streets. Some people would even hide in barns and other places trying to catch The Fox on his prowl.

Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox in the newspapers

Indeed, Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox made most newspapers

So, let us examine what really happened in that terrible period of Summer 1984.

Criminal Timeline

April – May 1984

11th April 1984, The Fox gained entrance to a house in Linslade, then assaulted a 73 year old woman in her own bed.

10th May 1984, Fairley stole a 12 bore double-barrelled shotgun together with ammunition from a house in Cheddington. Then, on the same night he sexually assaulted a 35 year old man.

June 1984

6th June 1984, Fairley broke into a house in Grove Park, Tring. There, he stole a 12 bore single -barrelled shotgun, more ammunition and other tools.

9th June 1984, the criminal broke into an empty house in Heath and Reach. Then on the same night he got into a house in The Heath, Leighton. Furthermore, here he took a shot at the occupier. As a result, the householder lost a finger.

July 1984

6th July 1984, Fairley broke into a home in Bideford Green. He made his way to the bedroom where a young couple lay in bed, then he tied them up. On this occasion, the woman screamed, so Fairley fled the scene.

10th July 1984, the scumbag gained entrance to a home near Bluebell Woods, Linslade. This is where his evil crimes deteriorated even further. He woke up a couple who were in bed, tied them up and raped the woman before he took off.

12th July 1984, The Fox was prowling outside a kitchen window at Edlesborough but fled when the homeowner chased him. However, he continued to look for more opportunities that night.

13th July 1984, the evil Fox raped another woman. This was when he broke into another house in the village of Edlesborough and he had a shotgun with him. He tied up two siblings, a brother (17) and sister (18) together with the girl’s 21 year old boyfriend. He then raped the girl. But, as if that wasn’t enough, he went for a drink and came back to rape the girl yet again. In fact, he even sexually assaulted the two young men too.

August 1984

17th August 1984, The Fox struck again but this time in Brampton-en-le-Morthen, South Yorkshire after he decided to head north. Here, he raped a woman before continuing his travel back up to his home area, Peterlee, near Sunderland. However, after his crimes here, Malcolm Fairley was to leave some vital clues.

September 1984

9th September 1984, Fairley who was back in the south by now, broke into a house in Milton Keynes.  Moreover, there he attacked the woman occupant with a knife.

Arrest and Conviction

11th September 1984, police put Fairley under arrest at his home in Kentish Town, London, at 7.30pm. While under arrest, he was took to Dunstable Police Station for questioning.

Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox court appearance
14th September 1984, Michael Fairley appeared at Dunstable Magistrates’ Court. He had to answer to three charges of rape, two burglaries and possession of a firearm.
The waiting crowd was understandably hostile towards him of course. The police ensured his safety while he had his head covered in a blanket.

26th February 1985, Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox appeared at St Albans Crown Court and received six life sentences. The twice-married father of three pleaded guilty to 13 charges. To clarify, these included three rapes, two indecent assaults, three aggravated burglaries and five burglaries. Not only that, but he wanted the court to take into consideration a further 68 cases.

In his defence, Fairley said, “I wanted to stop it but I couldn’t. When I got the gun I felt I could get what I wanted”. Fairley had no experience with guns and presumably after he accidentally shot someone’s hand, that would be the last.

Turning Point

Without doubt, the turning point in this disgusting crime spree was when Malcolm Fairley travelled north in August 1984. While he was in South Yorkshire plotting another crime, he reversed into a tree near his victim’s home. In fact, some paint from his car lodged itself on the tree. Even though this was only a small amount, it was enough for the police to gather and analyse.

Using the technology at the time, they discovered that the colour was indeed harvest yellow.
Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox - yellow Austin Allegro car
Then, using the DVLA database, they were able to establish that were less than 1500 cars in the UK with this colour. In this case, Malcolm Fairley used a harvest yellow Austin Allegro.

Other Evidence

Malcolm Fairley’s crimes were much more serious than the simple list above of course. For instance, the mental damage done to his victims and those who witnessed his actions are long-lasting. Indeed, his methods of tying up victims using their own clothing and other things at hand were his trademark. Not only that, but he would take materials which might have a sample of his semen still.

Also, in Tring he entered the empty house and waited for the occupants to return. While waiting, he looked at some picture, watched a few videos and cut the telephone line. Indeed, he would do similar things during his crime spree. Moreover, this was in an area with the name Rape Triangle because of Fairley’s actions. So the police were swamping the area to try and ease the residents’ minds. Because he would often eat snacks while waiting for his victims to return, police named the investigation, Operation Peanut.

On his trip north in August 1984, he also made a mistake of hiding some evidence in a farmer’s field. In fact, here he hid the shotgun as well as pieces of linen used in his crimes. Farmers know their own fields, and in this case, an eagle-eyed farmer found the stash so he alerted the police. Now the police had all this this evidence together with flecks of paint from his Austin Allegro car. In this day and age, the police would be able to trace another ‘Fox’ quickly with so much evidence. However, in those days they had to work that little bit harder. But, it was just a matter of time before they nabbed their man.

Further Evidence

In short, Malcolm Fairley confessed about his evil crimes to police almost immediately on capture. However, the police wanted to gather as much evidence as possible. In this case, they knew the offender was left-handed. With this in mind they asked Fairley to put on a wrist watch. From this action, they were able to confirm Fairley’s left-handedness.

Further evidence included the scratches on Fairley’s harvest yellow Austin Allegro were roughly where police believed they would be. Obviously the colour of his car matched the flecks from the tree he collided with in Brampton-en-le-Morthen.

Moreover, on some occasions he wore a mask made from material cut from his trousers. The police indeed found two pairs of trousers in his car where this material come from. In fact, there was much more evidence to back up Malcolm Fairley’s confession. Generally speaking, they were not going to allow The Fox to continue with his crime spree.

DNA evidence was also available from the linen he hid in the farmer’s field. However, DNA was in its infancy those days and police had to summon help from West Yorkshire police. Obviously, they had their own problems with the Yorkshire Ripper. Of course, this involved one of the biggest hoaxers Britain has ever witnessed. Just to point out that the hoaxer was also from Sunderland. Indeed, we are talking about Wearside Jack – his conviction came about because of a DNA sample.

Fairley Rehabilitated in 2012?

** See New Information In The Comments Section Below.

Wearside Online can’t confirm this, but rumour has it that Fairley has a new identity and is free once again. So, if anyone can confirm this we would be grateful if you could tell us here. However, if true, it would be unwise to expose his new identity and whereabouts if you know this information. If the rehabilitation of Malcolm Fairley has been a success, then should his release (if true) alarm us?

Finally, here we have a a 30 minute chat by two ladies who found the case interesting. If you wish to comment on this article please do so here or in the forum.

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23 Responses to Malcolm Fairley AKA The Fox

  1. Craig Gillon says:

    No way this filthy nonce should ever have been released. Yes, some criminals can change their ways and be rehabilitated but not sex offenders I believe. That lust, that grotesque desire to commit sexually depraved crimes will never leave them totally. This freak Malcolm Fairley was a vile, sadistic sexual deviant. Always has been, always will be simple as that. Hope his true identity is revealed and

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Malcolm fairley has not been released at all and hasn’t got a new identity. You have also got some of your facts wrong. He had one child with his first wife then two with his second wife.

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  3. Paper Terry says:

    Thank you for your input Anonymous, I think some people will feel better with the knowledge that he is still locked up. However, we can’t find any evidence to suggest you are correct about his three children being shared between his two wives. So, if you could forward that to us we will correct things. Generally speaking, that small piece of information is superficial to the full profile of the person in question.

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  4. anonymous says:

    kids or no kid’s he’s a sick twisted poor excuse of a man ive ever heard of,,, great reading, thanks for this great article

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  5. Anonymous says:

    His second wife actually took the first child on and brought the child up as his first wife had left which I don’t blame her to be honest. Then when he got caught his second wife got a divorce and moved on. With great difficulty. But he definitely hasn’t been released that’s for sure.

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    • I went to school with him from the age of 5 until we left school at 15 in 1968 he was always a bit funny then. I did not see much of him after that.

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  6. Paper Terry says:

    Thanks Anonymous, at least we have cleared that bit up as the only information we had was that he lived with his second wife AND 3 children. As for rumours about his release, well although he received six life sentences, we know of others to be released far too early which has caused alarm to the public. Obviously, after 34 years the authorities must believe that he still poses some form of threat, even at the age of 66. Rumours are bound to happen so its nice to know for certain.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Well I would know if he was released as I am with one of his “kids” and I would know and that’s why I know so much about this story. But I certainly can’t go into about identities as some individuals need protecting from this vile human being and the public. But the sooner he is no longer alive the better for the people he hurt and especially his kids as they have lived with this nightmare all their lives and the still suffer.

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    • Xxxxxxxx says:

      He did things to me but I don’t tell anyone about it I hope he stays in prison for life until he passes away

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  8. Paper Terry says:

    Thanks Anonymous, I could imagine what its like living in the wake of a man who has done what he has done. Thanks for the information and yes, you need to keep identities secret. I did say a similar thing in my article. At least you have updated us and there will be a few people who can sleep all the better for it.

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  9. Deborah bartholomew says:

    In 1983 I lived in a children’s home in St. Albans and a man broke in and came in to my bedroom sat on my bed and put his hands around my neck and started to strangle me. I woke up on the floor, my room was in disarray and my friend saw back of his head as he fled. There was a chipped window downstairs and he chipped away at that and got in through that window and left foot prints on the toilet. He also broke skin on my neck and they took dna from it. I often wonder if that was him. I couldn’t see his face as it was totally blacked out. But I never heard anything about it again.

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  10. Michael Scott says:

    Oh dear, looks like you had a near miss there, Deborah. Since most of his ‘known’ evil activity seems to be in 1984, it may not be the Fox who was responsible, but he was in that area in 1983. Given that the monster might not see the outside world again, I doubt if they will look into this case again. However, you had a bad experience and if they have DNA just maybe there is something you can do to find out. If it was me, I would like to know if I had a lucky escape!

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  11. Rio says:

    Wow I remember this vile person. I was 7 and my younger brother was 4. We were alone with my mom in the house as my dad was on nights and police descended on our house in Rotherham as we had a large grounds and he had been seen running up our driveway and was allegedly hiding in our garden. Mom got me and my brother out of bed and we were sat with police officers. They didn’t find him in our garden as he got away but it was very scary.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Definitely released by is trying for parole.
    There will be a queue of people to end him I’m sure if he gets it and I’ll be at the front.

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  13. ss says:

    I couldn’t believe this guy did these horrid things to innocent people. I was friends with his son we lived in Washington (Concord) he seemed an ok guy as he was the father of my friend we went to school together. I was 12 back then and his mum Georgina was a really nice woman. I think this guy should not be released he should be left to rot in prison regardless on how old he is he has ruined many lives.

    Rate This Comment:
    • Jonny says:

      I am 47 now and I lived in Luton then and I must of been no more than 10 and I returned home with my brother late one night and remember seeing umpteen police cars come down our road, we lived near a route to the Luton /Dunstable downs and apparently they had word of him being close by.
      Could this be the time when he was caught.
      I remember stories of terror about this evil bastard.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but georginas name shouldn’t of been mentioned.

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  14. Tracy Potts says:

    Jonny, the area and time you speak of all match. Together with the massive police presence, it certainly looks like you were in the thick of it then.
    I think a lot of people had a lucky escape from this man.
    He could have done a lot more damage than he did, thank God the police caught him.

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  15. Robin says:

    That was good! Thanks, girls. I remember this happening nothing like it was going on like this back in the early 80’s. I remember going on holiday to the Cotswolds back then and being scared this might happen to us because he wasn’t getting caught! Glad he did. The evil bastard.

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  16. Not saying who I am says:

    He did things to me but I don’t tell anyone about it I hope he stays in prison for life until he passes away

    Rate This Comment:
  17. James says:

    Good article but I must say the two women discussing the case are really cringeworthy. One of them keeps making swallowing/gulping sounds with her mouth. The noises are hilarious. She also couldn’t pronounce the word “predilection” properly. Also their account seems to be embellished from the real evidence. Always amazes me how some people can be so insensitive to the plight of victims.

    Rate This Comment:

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