Hodgkin Street Murder

To begin with, here we tell the story of the Hodgkin Street Murder of 1889. This was a brutal killing in the East End of Sunderland. In this case, the Hodgkin Street Murder still remains unsolved. This is despite the coroner saying that the truth would come out one day!… Continue reading



Wearside Online normally concentrates on the local area around the River Wear, of course. However, many people like a good story if it involves ghosts. So, some of the stories here come from around the north of England. But, around 50% are from the area around the City of Sunderland.… Continue reading


UFO Sightings

To begin with, most early UFO Sightings were airship which began in 1909. Indeed, sightings continued throughout the years leading up to World War I. But earlier writers record a number of events which would certainly be in the same category as UFO sightings today. In 664AD according to the… Continue reading