Sunderland Characters

To begin with, this page is all about Sunderland characters from the olden days. However, if there are any modern-day famous characters you would like to highlight, let us know. Obviously, if you wish to add any other Sunderland characters to this page, you can do so. All you need… Continue reading

Famous Sunderland People

Famous Sunderland People 01 To begin with, are you aware that Kate Adie was brought up in Sunderland? Then again, did you know that the leading male actor in the film ‘Born Free’ was born here? Well read on because here we take a look at many other famous Sunderland… Continue reading

Sunderland Deadly Diseases

To begin with, this article is all about Sunderland Deadly Diseases from yesteryear. Indeed, many centuries ago, dealing with diseases and illnesses was in its infancy. In fact, treatments were primitive to say the least. Sunderland is, of course, at the mouth of the River Wear and is one of… Continue reading

County Durham

To begin with, County Durham covers a large area on the north east coast of England. Indeed, the area is steeped in a glorious history. Durham City itself stands on the River Wear which winds is way to the North Sea at Sunderland. We can only but scratch the surface… Continue reading

Sunderland Cinemas

Sunderland Cinemas Regal, Odeon To begin with, let us take a look back at the glory days of Sunderland Cinemas when they were numerous. Indeed, the cinema industry was booming but why did they all disappear? On the site once occupied by the Olympia Pleasuredrome, there now stands what was… Continue reading