Curse On Washington Blacksmiths

This story is ends with a highwayman placing a curse on a blacksmiths workshop in Washington Village. Therefore, we are giving the story the simple title of The Curse On Washington Blacksmiths. The Robbery Long Bank, in the 1700’s was just a mud track. Indeed, it was a short-cut across… Continue reading

Sunderland Highwayman

Indeed, long ago, Wearside had it’s very own Sunderland Highwayman who became a notorious figure. From petty crimes to hold-ups and murder, this was someone you didn’t want living near you. So, let us look back at Robert Drummond, The Sunderland Highwayman. Scottish Connection Actually, Robert Drummond was born in… Continue reading

Jealous Johnson

To begin with, the story of Jealous Johnson, describes how an emotion such as jealousy can totally destroy lives. The incident took place in Hetton (now in the City of Sunderland), County Durham. So, let us look back to that fateful day when Jealous Johnson shot dead the woman he… Continue reading

Wearside Quiz 01

Indeed, this is Wearside Quiz 01, the easiest trivia in this section. There are 20 multiple choice questions and a possible 100 points to play for. So, have a go and share your results on Facebook etc. Wearside Quiz 01 We obviously, thank you for playing the Wearside Trivia –… Continue reading

Seaham Tragedies

To begin with, this page tells about some of Seaham tragedies. Indeed, some of Seaham tragedies go back to the early 1800’s. Seaham Tragedies: Seaham Maritime Disaster 1873 On Tuesday 26th June 1873, a dreadful boat accident took the lives of five men. This all happened within hailing distance of… Continue reading