Roker Lighthouse To Shine Again After 40 Years

Roker Lighthouse To Shine Again After 40 Years

Firstly, at the end of Roker Pier stands one of Sunderland’s most iconic land marks – Roker Lighthouse. Technically, it’s on land, although it is half a mile out to sea. Indeed, it stands proud on one of the massive breakwaters on the sea front. Obviously these piers are at the mouth of the River Wear.

Parts of the Victorian lighthouse has been rotting away, especially the metal bits exposed to the salty sea air. However, after a £300,000 investment, the facelift is almost complete.

Roker Lighthouse renovation - will Shine Again After 40 Years

Roker Pier and Lighthouse at Sunderland get a facelift

All in all, the 6 foot weather vane that sits on top of the structure in now re-guilded. Likewise, new metal mouldings for the top are on order. Indeed, the colour is now more brighter. Moreover, it is in the colours of the city’s football team. As a matter of fact, what else could it be!

On the whole, the most striking feature will be its new LED lantern. In effect, this will allow the Roker Lighthouse to shine once more after 40 years of darkness. Obviously, this renovation goes hand in hand with the Roker Pier Tunnel restoration.

Finally, let’s all drink to that. Also, why not state your views in the Sunderland Forum!

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