SAFC Quiz 01

Firstly, welcome to our Sunderland AFC quiz page – this is our easy SAFC Quiz 01. Indeed, there are 20 multiple choice questions to answer. Then we show the answers at the end of the quiz.

Sunderland AFC Quiz – Question Bank 01

1. To begin with, when did Sunderland AFC come into existence?


2. Sunderland AFC have had 8 home grounds in total, so, which ground did they occupy longest?


3. Attendance: in short, what is Sunderland’s biggest ever crowd at Roker Park?


4. Easy Peasy: when did Sunderland AFC last win the FA Cup?


5. Kevin Phillips scored 30 goals in one season to earn him the European Golden Boot, when was the season?


6. The first picture question: so, who is this very famous Sunderland captain from the 1970’s?

Bobby Kerr captain of Sunderland 1973


7. The Stadium of Light sits proudly overlooking the River Wear, but what stood on the site previously?


8. Roker park was host to 4 World Cup games, but what year was this?


9. Here’s a good question, what side of the Stadium of Light do the players emerge onto the field?


10. Which players earned the title the ‘G-Force’ when they played together for Sunderland?


11. We can fondly call our football club many names, but what is the official nickname of SAFC?


12. These lovable characters are Sunderland mascots of course, but what are their names?

SAFC Quiz - Samson and Delilah


13. The first ever painting of a football match featured Sunderland, but who were they playing?


14. This is one of the most important goals in the history of Sunderland AFC, but who scored it?

Ian Porterfield scores in the 1973 FA Cup final


15. Thinking caps on because this is hard, which Player has scored the most goals for Sunderland?


16. Who was the last goalkeeper to score a goal for Sunderland in open play?


17. Of course Sunderland are great, so how many times have Sunderland won the top league in England?


18. Sunderland have won some accolades over the years, but which one of the following statements is true?


19. After Mick McCarthy left, Kevin Ball became the caretaker manager, but who was next to take up the position.


20. This is the famous statue at the Stadium of Light, but who is it?

Bob Stokoe statue at the Stadium of Light


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SAFC Quiz 01

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SAFC Quiz 01 - Sunderland AFC trivia - 20 questions

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