About Us

About Us

To begin with, this page is all ‘about us’. So, let us explain further, the Wearside Online website is a local community for the City of Sunderland. Obviously this includes Washington, Houghton and Hetton. However, we also cover Seaham, Whitburn, Cleadon and the Boldons. In fact, all areas around the River Wear. Hence, Wearside Online!

Wearside Online is indeed a sister website of the Sunderland Forum and Blogs. Therefore, we go back a long time. However, we had two websites there as an add on sub-domains which were becoming too big. Obviously, regular visitors will be familiar with the SAFC News and the Sunderland News Headlines websites. As a matter of fact, those websites became bloated. Therefore, we streamlined things somewhat. Then we combined them to form one website with a separate domain name. Hence, Wearside Online. Of course, this eases pressure on the main Sunderland Forum and Blog.

Wearside images - Mowbray Park and Winter Gardens Sunderland

Sunderland Winter Gardens from Mowbray Park

Wearside Under One Umbrella

Generally speaking, the Sunderland Forum, Wearside Online and associated websites concentrates all local issues under one umbrella now. All in all, there is something for everyone. For example, we retain the local news headlines section. Obviously we kept the SAFC News headlines too.

So, the format remains the same – a local community website for the whole of Wearside and the surrounding areas. However, to manage things a little better, we have had to delegate certain parts of our network to others. In other words, our websites have grown so big, we have had to shuffle things about and delegate a little.

In the first place we started with separate websites run by different groups. But we come together to create one united community so that we can share our experiences. At the same time, our members also contribute in their own way. For example, they add things in the Sunderland Forum – the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB) which is massive community itself.

As a matter of fact, many come back often to post which is even better. They also contact us when things go wrong. In reality, we all help each other out. Not only that but when we all got together many years ago, we decided to create a family friendly community. In other words, free from swearing and extreme views but still allowing freedom of speech. There is a fine balance but we manage it well.

Sunderland International Air Show At Seaburn - Red Arrow Display Team

Red Arrows at the Sunderland Air Show

Join In

Obviously, at the top of the page you will find a ‘Submit A Post‘ link. This, of course, allows anyone to post items on the Wearside Online website. Indeed, you do not have to register here to do this. However, unless you register, all anonymous visitors’ posts will be subject to moderation. So, join in today and help us to improve the information exchange that takes place here.

Sunderland Forum

In essence, the staff here are inviting you to join in and have your say. With this in mind, the best place to start is the actual Sunderland Forum proper. The first thing to remember is that our forums are ‘family friendly’. To put it another way, you can relax there while enjoying social interaction with like-minded people. Obviously, we don’t allow anything silly, so everyone can feel comfortable, no matter what age they are!

Of course, the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB) is a good place to start as you can make posts about any subject you like. By all means keep it local, but we do have a place for all ‘off topic’ issues. In view of this, register today and make the Sunderland Forum your community!

To Sum Up

Now that we have streamlined things a little, we hope to provide a better service. Obviously, with your input, this helps things even more. So, by submitting a post here at Wearside Online, you are helping to spread information to people in our area. Then, for general chit-chat and local gossip, we have the Sunderland Forum. Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay at Wearside Online. Of course we hope that you bookmark our Home Page and call back often.

About Us - Wearside Online - Penshaw Monument lit up

Of course, when you see Penshaw Monument in Sunderland, you know you are close to home.

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