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Wearsider – this is indeed the visitors blogs

Firstly, welcome to the Wearsider Visitors Blogs. Of course, we have two blogs available – a General Blog and an SAFC Blog. You can assess these blogs here or in the tabs above, so click the appropriate link.

General Users Blog – the Wear Blog – for anything, but more emphasis on local issues.
SAFC Blogs – obviously for anything to do with Sunderland AFC.

Of course, you may wish to submit a post to Wearside Online. So, to do that, click here. Generally speaking, you can contribute to the above blogs at any time. However, you may also like to advertise a local event or a business. In contrast, you may even like to submit a post about our heritage etc. Obviously, use the same submission form, but ensure you choose the correct category.

At this time, there is no need to register as all posts go to a moderation queue. However, once you have made one submission, your posts become live immediately. This is to prevent spam of course.

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Wearside Online also has free thinking blogs. Indeed, join us and have your say!

Visitors Blogs – Individual Thoughts

When the Sunderland Forum joined forces with the Sunderland Community Blog we became much bigger. In fact, we can now offer a much better service. We then made a decision to allow all Wearsiders to have their say. Not only can you register with the Sunderland Forum proper, you can now register here too. But here at Wearside Online, registration is not necessary to submit a post, however there are benefits if you register.

So, for the shorter posts we recommend the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB). However, to express much more, you might like to do that here at Wearside Online. In essence, Wearside Online allows you to be much more creative. Indeed, you may post anything you like within reason. Obviously, there should be a connection to Sunderland or Wearside in general.

For example, you may have some opinions about local issues concerning Wearside such as the environment. In this case, you can make a post here. In contrast, you may have some other thoughts which you want to express about other issues concerning the area. You can also do that here too. However, that must have some local connection.

Wearside Heritage

Sunderland obviously has a long, rich history. So do other areas of Wearside. Therefore, if you wish to add a post about our heritage, please do so. Up to now we have categories for People, Buildings, Environment, Infrastructure and places.

Wearside Events

There’s always something happening in Sunderland and Wearside in general. With this in mind, if you wish to advertise a local event, please do so by filling in the submission form.

Wearside Businesses

Wearside Online is obviously a website for local people. With this in mind, we allow business owners to advertise their businesses here. So, if you have a business in Sunderland or the Wearside area, why not make a full page advert today!

To Sum Up

Obviously, Wearside Online allows local people to express their thoughts. As long as there is a Wearside connection, you are free to write what you like. Furthermore, we believe in free speech. However, you must stay legal at all times and remember we are a family friendly community.

Obviously, there are many local issues to discuss including sport and football. But you can also submit an up and coming event or a business, new or established. Just ensure you post around 200-300 words or more so that search engines can easily find your blog post.

Sunderland blog and Message Boards - (SMB) - we are set up and ready to go!

Sunderland and district online community


Finally, the posts here at the Wearsider Blogs are the individual thoughts and opinions of others. Indeed, some are from people advertising local events and businesses. Therefore, we can’t possibly be responsible for them. But we do remind people to act responsible and stay within the law.

However, should you have any concerns, let us know and we can investigate further. But, you must understand that not everyone has the same opinions.

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