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Indeed, you can Buy Official SAFC Tickets for all Sunderland matches here. Obviously, we are linking to the official SAFC club shop. However, what if they have none left? There are other ways to buy Sunderland tickets of course.

Update: Due to the way the club is restructuring presently, the club is changing the way we buy our tickets. We will update the information here as soon as the club release more details. So, please use the official club ticket office for now.

Buy Official SAFC Tickets

Obviously, we encourage you to buy official tickets from the club itself. But failing that we have another ticketing outlet. So, there are indeed other ways to buy your SAFC match tickets.

Of course, we have more information on Sunderland AFC games here.

To Sum Up

Finally, we hope you manage to get your tickets in good time. Obviously, supporting the lads is very important for the future of our club.

We will update this page as soon as the club restructures the way they handle ticket sales.

Buy official SAFC tickets for all Sunderland matches - SAFC in Union Jack flag
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