Sunderland Council Election Results 2019

Sunderland Council Election Results 2019
Election Date: 02/05/2019 | City of Sunderland | Local Council Elections | 26 Seats Available In 25 Wards | Electoral Register – Eligible To Vote: 207,401 | Postal Vote Registrations: 88,032

Sunderland Council Election Results 2019 - counting votes

Ready to count the votes at Sunderland

The Labour Party lose 12 seats after losing 4 in the 2018 elections. Labour still have overall control of the council. However, here’s how many seats the parties hold now.

Conservative: 12 seats +4
Labour: 51 seats -12
Lib-Dems: 8 seats +4
UKIP: 3 seats +3
Greens: 1 seat +1

Sunderland Council Election Results 2019 – Ward By Ward


Helen Greener (CON) 1,216
Ian Galbraith (LAB) 1,009
Allison Allen (UKIP) 479
Tim Ellis (LD) 430
Josh Flynn (GREEN) 225

Conservative gain from Labour
Turnout: 40.1%


Stephen Foster (LAB) 1,077
Linda Hudson (UKIP) 908
Bryan Reynolds (CON) 244

Labour hold
Turnout: 27.2%

Copt Hill

Melanie Thornton (LAB) 1,232
Reg Coulson (UKIP) 1,047
Pat Francis (CON) 386
Esme Featherstone (GREEN) 311

Labour hold
Turnout: 33.7%


Heather Fagan (LD) 1,337
Colin English (LAB) 730
John Defty (UKIP) 518
John Wiper (CON) 394
Richard Bradley (GREEN) 150

Lib-Dem gain from Labour
Turnout: 40.8%


James Doyle (CON) 1,235
Margaret Beck (LAB) 1,170
Malcolm Bond (LD) 789
Tracey Hull (UKIP) 570
Robert Welsh (GREEN) 260

Conservative gain from Labour
Turnout: 45.3%


Lynda Scanlan (LAB) 817
Martin Moore (UKIP) 581
George Brown (CON) 280
Kristian Brown (IND) 204
Gary Ogle (GREEN) 189
Thomas Crawford (LD) 134

Labour hold
Turnout: 28.3%


Doris Turner (LAB) 990
Michael Hopper (UKIP) 854
David Geddis (IND) 642
Glyn Dixon (DVP) 208
Neville Chamberlin (CON) 168
Rachel Lowe (GREEN) 111

Labour hold
Turnout: 32.8%


Juliana Heron (LAB) 1,293
Sheila Quigley (UKIP) 1,116
Raymond Davison (CON) 313
Chris Crozier (GREEN) 256
Mick Watson (IND) 217

Labour hold
Turnout: 33%


Julia Potts (LD) 1,550
Thomas Newton (LAB) 593
Paul Holt (UKIP) 216
Syed Ali (CON) 94
Helmut Izaks (GREEN) 67
Joe Cobb (FBM) 33

Lib-Dems gain from Labour
Turnout: 36%


Martin Haswell (LD) 1,662
Richard Mulvaney (LAB) 436
Michael Gutowski (UKIP) 340
Grant Shearer (CON) 108
David Lawson (GREEN) 64

Lib-Dems gain from Labour
Turnout: 35%


Keith Jenkins (UKIP) 866
Iain Kay (LAB) 795
Michael Winter (CON) 299
Rafal Marzec (GREEN) 154

UKIP gain from Labour
Turnout: 26.7%


Steven Bewick (UKIP) 946
Ellen Ball (LAB) 927
Andrei Lucaci (CON) 424
Emma Robson (GREEN) 249
Keith Townsend (LIB) 188

UKIP gain from Labour
Turnout: 33.1%


Stephen O`Brien (LIB) 1,050
Margaret Crosby (LD) 824
Hugh Clinton (UKIP) 735
Nathan Davison (LAB) 635
Joanne Laverick (LAB) 545
William Cowe (UKIP) 480
Tony Morrow (POP) 245
Alexandra Mills (GREEN) 149
Christine Reed (CON) 144
Thomas Such (CON) 79

** Liberal and Lib-Dems win 2 seats from Labour
Turnout: 33.3%

Shiney Row

Geoffrey Walker (LAB) 1,229
Richard Elvin (UKIP) 819
Clair Hall (CON) 482
Katy Sawyer (GREEN) 229
Kevin Bunker (POP) 212
Nana Boddy (LD) 180

Labour hold
Turnout: 32.7%


Peter Gibson (LAB) 1,090
Kay Rowham (UKIP) 818
Gwennyth Gibson (CON) 572
Neil Shaplin (GREEN) 279
Brian Clare (POP) 136

Labour hold
Turnout: 36%


Michael Butler (LAB) 1,025
David White (UKIP) 575
Christopher Marshall (IND) 362
Liam Ritchie (CON) 351
Anna Debska (GREEN) 148
Peter Walton (LD) 135

Labour hold
Turnout: 32.7%

St Anne’s

Pam Mann (UKIP) 773
Alison Smith (LAB) 732
Gavin Wilson (CON) 374
Emma Neale (LD) 202
Billy Howells (GREEN) 176

UKIP gain from Labour
Turnout: 27.9%

St Chad’s

Dominic McDonogh (CON) 1,200
Gillian Galbraith (LAB) 844
Alan Davies (UKIP) 674
Scott Burrows (GREEN) 176
Colin Nicholson (LD) 122

Conservative gain from Labour
Turnout: 40.3%

St Michael’s

Peter Wood (CON) 1,721
Stewart Ingram (LAB) 716
Ian Walton (UKIP) 413
John Appleton (GREEN) 349
Diana Talbott (LD) 186

Conservative hold
Turnout: 41%

St Peter’s

Josh McKeith (CON) 1,154
Barry Curran (LAB) 866
Ian Lines (UKIP) 602
John Lennox (LD) 348
Rachel Featherstone (GREEN) 329

Conservative hold
Turnout: 41%

Washington Central

Len Lauchlan (LAB) 1,156
Erland Polden (UKIP) 711
Anna Snell (CON) 509
Michal Chantkowski (GREEN) 259
Maciej Zagdan (LD) 164

Labour hold
Turnout: 33%

Washington East

Fiona Mackenzie (LAB) 1,142
Hilary Johnson (CON) 731
Hazel Whitfield (UKIP) 589
Michael Ellis (GREEN) 366
Sean Terry (LD) 213

Labour hold
Turnout: 33.9%

Washington North

Peter Walker (LAB) 1,007
Tony Ormond (UKIP) 702
Carol Groombridge (CON) 287
June Bradley (GREEN) 275
Kevin Morris (LD) 85

Labour hold
Turnout: 29.4%

Washington South

Dom Armstrong (GREEN) 711
Sean Laws (LAB) 708
Martin Talbot (CON) 553
Luke Bond (UKIP) 535
Carlton West (LD) 347

Greens gain from Labour
Turnout: 36.8%

Washington West

Harry Trueman (LAB) 1,235
Kevin Sheppard (UKIP) 674
Olwyn Bird (CON) 440
Paul Leonard (GREEN) 405
Odet Aszkenasy (LD) 144

Labour hold
Turnout: 32.8%

To Sum Up

The Labour Party are licking their wounds yet again in Sunderland. The party lost 4 seats in last year’s local council elections but this year they lost 12 seats.

The Conservative Party took 4 seats from Labour and so did the Lib-Dems. The Green Party won a seat from Labour while UKIP took 3 seats from the failing party.

Sunderland overwhelmingly voted for Brexit 3 years ago and the MP’s have failed to deliver. The voters of Sunderland are letting the parties know of their disappointment through the local council elections. This is also being reflected throughout the country too.

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4 Responses to Sunderland Council Election Results 2019

  1. Elizabeth Collins says:

    Excellent site. Easy to follow and clear summing up.

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  2. Tony Charlton says:

    Not looking good for this once Labour Party stronghold. The UKIP vote was massive and could have easily got a few more seats in Sunderland. This is sending a clear message to both Labour and the Tories and they should start listening if they want the votes to come back their way.

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  3. Harry Barnes says:

    Do you hold the recent Easington District Council Election results or know how I can access them ? I was born at Easington Colliery in 1936 and lived there until 1963, with breaks to do my National Service from 1954 to 1956 (mainly in Iraq) then term times as an adult student in Oxford and Hull between 1960 and 1963. But I latert visited the area regularly to see my parents until 1999 when at 90 year of age my mother was the last to die. Making odd visits since. The annual journal of North East Labour Society contains three articles of mine in its 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions about Easington Collliery from the time of its first efforts to sink the pit in 1899 up to 1935. Unfortunately I did not continue these. For I had reached 77 by the last one was published and regular visits to the Durham Records Office were becoming a bit much for me. But I had another article in the 2017 issue called “Easington Colliery : My Pathway To Politics”. I went on to become the Labour MP for North East Derbyshire (from 1987 to 2005) where I have lived for the past 50 years.

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  4. Paper Terry says:

    Harry, there were no local council elections for the Easington area this year.

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