Sunderland Council Results 2021

Sunderland Council Results 2021

The Sunderland council election results for 2021 are now in. All in all, over 120 prospective councillors took part with 28 seats up for grabs across the city. Normally the city chooses 25 councillors but this year 3 wards had to elect 2.

Elections: Sunderland City Council 2021.

Date: 6th of May 2021 – polling stations closed at 10 pm prompt.

Count took place at Silksworth Sports Complex with Covid-19 social distancing rules in force with masks being worn.

The first Sunderland result to be declared tonight was the Hendon seat. Former deputy council leader Michael Mordey (Labour) lost his seat to the Lib Dems. Indeed, the Labour Party lose yet more seats as their hold on the city continues a steady decline. We saw this trend start in the 2019 local elections and the General Election in the same year.

Winners and Losers

After this result, Sunderland City Council is now made up of the following:

Labour Party (42 seats) -9
Conservative (18 seats) +6
Lib Dems (12 seats) +4
UKIP (3 seats) – no change
Green Party (0 seats) -1

Sunderland Council Results 2021

Barnes: Con GAIN

Rebecca Sarah ATKINSON (Labour Party) 1,367
Richard DUNN (Conservative Party) 1,610
Tim ELLIS (Liberal Democrat) 201
Alyson KORDBARLAG (Green Party) 158

Turnout 40.3%


Castle: Lab HOLD

Tony CLARKE (UKIP) 201
Allen CURTIS (Liberal Democrat) 111
Gwennyth GIBSON (Conservative Party) 583
Denny WILSON (Labour Party) 1,243

Turnout 26.3%


Copt Hill: Lab HOLD (2 seats)

George Edward BROWN (Conservative Party) 833
John DEFTY (UKIP) 384
Tracy DODDS (Labour Party) 1,203
Esme Rose Stafford FEATHERSTONE (Green Party) 256
Kevin JOHNSTON (Labour Party) 1,327
Sue STERLING (Liberal Democrat) 272
Anthony USHER (Liberal Democrat) 83
Jakub WYPYCH (Conservative Party) 519


Doxford: Lib Dem GAIN

Paul Wilfred Leslie GIBSON (Liberal Democrat) 1,510
Thomas Patrick JOHNSTON (Labour and Co-operative Party) 797
Auburn LANGLEY (Green Party) 110
John Scott WIPER (Conservative Party) 684

Turnout 39.5%


Fulwell: Con HOLD

Malcolm John BOND (Liberal Democrat) 1,571
Barry Stanley CURRAN (Labour and Co-operative Party) 730
Liam DUFFERWIEL (Green Party) 180
Michael Peter HARTNACK (Conservative Party) 1,826

Turnout 49%


Hendon: Lib Dem GAIN

Simon John AYRE (Conservative Party) 377
Helmut IZAKS (Green Party) 110
Martin MOORE (UKIP) 75
Dale Michael MORDEY (Labour and Co-operative Party) 849
Ciaran Joseph MORRISSEY (Liberal Democrat) 1029
Rejected – 17

Turnout 30.7%


Hetton: Lab HOLD

James BLACKBURN (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,258
Ian David ELLIS (Liberal Democrat) 63
Richard ELVIN (UKIP) 313
Patricia Ann FRANCIS (Conservative Party) 545
David William GEDDIS (Independent) 554
Rachel Louise LOWE (Green Party) 81

Turnout 30.9%


Houghton: Lab HOLD

Raymond Hall DAVISON (Conservative Party) 951
Billy Scott HOWELLS (Green Party) 195
John PRICE (Labour Party) 1,437
Donna Sarah THOMAS (UKIP) 307
Carlton Lee WEST (Liberal Democrat) 106

Turnout 30.1%


Millfield: Lib Dem HOLD

Syed Ajmol ALI (Conservative Party) 192
Niall Dane HODSON (Liberal Democrat) 1,701
Iain William KAY (Labour and Co-operative Party) 609
Gary OGLE (Green Party) 50
Julio ROMERO JOHNSON (Communist Party of Britain) 32

Turnout 35.2%


Pallion: Lib Dem GAIN

Danielle Francoise Emmanuelle CHAMBERLIN (Green Party) 93
Abul Bakkar Ehthesham HAQUE (Labour Party) 480
Colin Richard NICHOLSON (Liberal Democrat) 1,440
Judith PORTER (Conservative Party) 410


Redhill: Lab HOLD

Paul James Anthony BURKE (Conservative Party) 623
Sandra Helen HESSLEWOOD (UKIP) 371
Alison SMITH (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,019

Turnout 25.4%


Ryhope: Con GAIN

Usman ALI (Conservative Party) 1,411
Ellen BALL (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,230

Turnout 33.7%

Sandhill: Lib Dem GAIN

Paul EDGEWORTH (Liberal Democrat) 1,274
Pauline Elizabeth HUNTLEY (UKIP) 66
Tony MORROW (Populist Party) 38
Christine REED (Conservative Party) 320
Debra WALLER (Labour Party) 812 T

Turnout 32.4%


Shiney Row: Lab HOLD (2 seats)

Nana BODDY (Liberal Democrat) 170
Katherine Mary Elizabeth MASON-GAGE (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,639
Raymond John MOORE (Green Party) 223
Grant SHEARER (Conservative Party) 1,069
David SNOWDON (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,190
Richard Steven VARDY (Conservative Party) 1,026
Robert WELSH (Green Party) 176

Turnout 33.5%


Silksworth: Lab HOLD

Sharon Elizabeth BODDY (Liberal Democrat) 136
Chris CROZIER (Green Party) 180
Jack Paul SIMM (Conservative Party) 1,073
Pat SMITH (Labour Party) 1,120

Turnout 33.2%


Southwick: Lab HOLD

Kelly CHEQUER (Labour Party) 1,208
Norman Martin DENT (Liberal Democrat) 138
Stephen Thomas HARRISON (UKIP) 171
Liam Christopher RITCHIE (Conservative Party) 754
Morgan Joseph SEED (Green Party) 105

Turnout 30.4%


St Anne’s: Con GAIN

Bryan George FOSTER (UKIP) 190
Greg PEACOCK (Conservative Party) 911
Peter Arnold WALTON (Liberal Democrat) 158
Susan WATSON (Labour and Co-operative Party) 908

Turnout 27.6%


St Chad’s: Con GAIN

Chris BURNICLE (Conservative Party Candidate) 1,647
Elizabeth Agnes CROSBY (Liberal Democrat) 208
Darryl Oliver DIXON (Labour Party) 895

Turnout 37.3%

St Michael’s: Con HOLD

John Leonard APPLETON (Green Party) 455
Lyall Jonathan REED (Conservative Party) 1,958
Chris SMITH (Labour Party) 902
Colin Andrew WILSON (Liberal Democrat) 117

Turnout 41%


St Peter’s: Con GAIN

Rachel Sara FEATHERSTONE (Green Party) 216
Sam Martin JOHNSTON (Conservative Party) 1,808
John Anthony LENNOX (Liberal Democrat) 183
David Laurence NEWEY (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,056


Washington Central: Lab HOLD

Scott Andrew BURROWS (Green Party) 211
Tony ORMOND (UKIP) 107 Dianne Elizabeth SNOWDON (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,611
Sean TERRY (Liberal Democrat) 82
Michael WINTER (Conservative Party) 915

Turnout 34.9%


Washington East: Lab HOLD

Michal CHANTKOWSKI (Green Party) 193
Stephen CUTHBERT (UKIP) 98
Hilary JOHNSON (Conservative Party) 1,403
Sean Robert LAWS (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,558


Washington North: Lab HOLD

Derek DUNN (Conservative Party) 730
Graeme EDMINSON (Green Party) 148
Maureen HIBBERT (UKIP) 89
Jaye JORDAN (Liberal Democrat) 119
Michael Lee WALKER (Labour Party) 1,216

Turnout 29.1%


Washington South: Lab HOLD + Con GAIN

Richard Peter BRADLEY (Green Party) 418
Paul DONAGHY (Conservative Party) 1,186
Steven Boyd DONKIN (Liberal Democrat) 240
Michael Anthony ELLIS (Green Party) 521
Louise Anthea Florence FARTHING (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,171
Brandon FEELEY (Labour and Co-operative Party) 931
Josh GREEN (UKIP) 88
Craig MORRISON (Conservative Party) 801

Turnout 37.8%


Washington West: Lab HOLD

Andrew Philip BEX (Liberal Democrats) 129
Olwyn BIRD (Conservative Party) 916
Paul Andrew LEONARD (Green Party) 242
Jimmy WARNE (Labour Party) 1,462

Turnout 32.5%

Summing Up The Sunderland Council Results 2021

The Labour Party suffer yet another blow in Sunderland as they lose 9 more seats to the Tories and the Lib-Dems. Without a doubt, we will see yet another inquest but the reality is that the Labour Party are going backwards in all ways. At this rate, the city may not have a Labour majority in a couple of years. Who said politics wasn’t interesting!

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