Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover

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Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover

Sunderland Drinkers Give NHS a Hangover - The Borough Pub

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Firstly, the cost of looking after people in the City of Sunderland with drink related problems is £26.3 million! Indeed, according to this report, 26 people every day are needing some sort of treatment across the City.

Moreover, medics at the Sunderland Royal Hospital are calling for better ways to deal with the problem. Indeed, one suggests the minimum pricing for a unit of alcohol should be higher. Obviously looking to other places across the country where the problems no longer exist may help.

The other argument is we do not know who are indeed causing the problems. Is it under age drinkers? Could it be drinking cheap alcohol at home? Is it the adults drinking in the pubs and clubs? Furthermore, the information given is not enough for folk to make a judgement.

We welcome the report but we need to see facts and figures. This is so the public across Wearside can offer some solutions and work with the authorities. Obviously, this would be better than a NSH worker telling people what their solutions are. Our thoughts are that raising the price of alcoholic units could cause more problems than it solves!

Sunderland Drinkers

Wearsiders love a drink like everyone else, of course. Moreover, regular drinkers will note that while there is a problem sometimes, its not all that bad. Obviously, drink can cause problems, but in general, Sunderland folk can handle their drink. We all know drunks get rowdy from time to time, but what do people expect!

At this point we do not know the figures for Newcastle drink related problems. However, we do suspect that they will be higher than those on Wearside.

Here are some other reading on the subject from the papers:

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What are your thoughts and opinions on the negative reports in the newspapers? Also, what are your opinions about the social aspect of raising the minimum price of alcohol per unit? Use the comments box below to tell us.

You can also open up a new thread in the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB) on this subject. The Sunderland Forum allows for local social interaction so please pop over the the message boards and have your say.

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