Sunderland General Election 2019 Results

Here’s the results for the Sunderland area in the General Election, 12th December 2019. The Labour Party votes are down but they still win the five seats we are highlighting around Wearside. The results also reflects the trend we saw in the May’s council elections where the Labour vote suffered then too.

Obviously, people were voting with Brexit in mind. However, the Labour Party can count themselves lucky that the Brexit Party actually stood. This is because had the Brexit Party not been in these elections, Sunderland could well have woke up with 3 Conservative MP’s this morning.

Sunderland General Election 2019

Houghton and Sunderland South result:

Richard Bradley (Green Party) – 1,125
Paul Edgeworth (Lib-Dems) – 2,319
Richard Elvin (UKIP) – 897
Christopher Howarth (Conservative Party) – 13,095
Bridget Phillipson (Labour Party) – 16,210
Kevin Yuill (Brexit Party) – 6,165

Sunderland Central Result

Tom D’Silva (Conservative Party) -15,372
Julie Elliott (Labour Party) – 18,336
Rachel Featherstone (Green Party) -1,212
Niall Hodson (Lib-Dems) – 3,026
Dale McKenzie (Ind) – 484
Viral Parikh (Brexit Party) – 5,047

Washington and Sunderland West Result:

Sharon Hodgson (Labour Party) – 15,941
Valerie Margaret Allen (Conservative Party) – 12,218
Carlton Lee West (Lib-Dems) – 2,071
Michael Chantkowski (Green Party) – 1,005
Keith Jenkins (UKIP) – 839
Howard William Brown (Brexit Party) – 5,439

North Durham results:

Kevan Jones (Labour Party) – 18,639
Craig Martin (Lib-Dems) – 2,879
Derek Morse (Green Party) – 1,126
Edward Parson (Conservative Party) – 13,897
Kenneth Rollings (Independent) – 961
Peter Telford (Brexit Party) – 4,693

Easington results:

Clare Ambrosino (Conservative Party) – 9,142
Dominic Haney (Lib-Dems) – 1,526
Ann Maughan (Brexit Party) – 6,744
Susan McDonnell (North East Party) – 1,448
Grahame Morris (Labour Party) – 15,723

Sunderland General Election 2019 – To Sum Up

Despite the Labour Party candidates retaining their seats, some might say that it’s them who are licking their wounds. It is clear that the people of Sunderland are turning their backs on the Labour Party and we saw this in the council elections earlier in the year. Indeed, it seems to be the Brexit Party that kept Sunderland red. However, what these results show is that Sunderland might not provide safe seats for Labour in the future.

So, how did your party do in the Sunderland General Election 2019? You may comment here as well as in the Sunderland Forum.

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