Sunderland High School Closure

Sunderland High School Closure

Falling pupil numbers to blame.

Indeed, pupils at the privately funded Sunderland High School have fallen from 580 in 2006 to around 280 today!

Sunderland High School Closure - Ryhope Road view

Firstly, Sunderland High School has been in existence for 130 years. Indeed, it is the oldest senior school for girls in the city. Then there was a merger with a local boys school in 1988 which gave the coeducational school we have currently. Moreover, there was an an addition of a junior school in 1994 which is a separate building. Then a nursery became included. Indeed, the age range of the pupils is between 2 and 18.

Sunderland High School Chief Executive, Jon Coles, indeed said the school had no long-term future. The private school charges between £3,170 to £3,224 a term of course. But with a falling pupil intake and the economic reality, it has become unviable.

Over the last five years, United Church Schools Trust has subsidised the Sunderland High School. After exploring all avenues to keep the school open, the harsh reality is indeed looking grim. Of course, the school cannot sustain such losses and is on course to make a six-figure loss this year.

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Indeed, many parents are still fuming after they found out the news of the closure on the school’s website.

On the whole, the academic standard of the school has constantly gained praise. Also, last year the school had the reputation as the 16th best Prep School in the UK. However, the pupils will need to look elsewhere for their schooling after the summer term. Also, the 75 staff will need to find alternative employment. Until the school closes everything will carry on as normal.

The school buildings also include the Main School also Carlton House. Then there is Centenary Building, Clifton Hall, Langham Tower and the Junior School, Tonstall House.

Sunderland High School Closure - Tonstall House

Tonstall house – Sunderland High School

The Sunderland Echo report.

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