Sunderland Illuminations 2018

As with previous Autumn events, the Sunderland Illuminations 2018 has something for everyone of course. Indeed, the Sunderland lights will sparkle and put a smile on everyone who visits the sea front. Furthermore, from St Peters Church and all the way along to Seaburn, the lights will shine every night. The whole event lasts from Thursday 18 October to Sunday 18 November 2018. However, on the 11th November, the event stops for the day due to it being Remembrance Sunday.

Festival Of Light

Roker Park will again be the central attraction of course. This time of year it undergoes a transition into The Festival Of Light. Moreover, there is a new feature this year, The Sunderland Sphere. This attraction is a whopping 18 metres across and visitors can have their names up in lights. Indeed, you may even display a message to your loved ones. So, let us see someone ask their partner to marry them using this new facility!

However, no tickets are available at the entrances like before. Indeed, you can only book online and the entrance cost is £2.00. But there are discounts available for individuals such as children and groups. While you book on line, you have the option of adding your message on the Sunderland Sphere.

While the Sunderland Illuminations 2018 is on, the Festival Of Light at Roker Park will open 4 days a week. These days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and all of the half-term.

Sunderland Illuminations 2018 – What’s On?

Regular visitors know exactly what to expect of course. So for those who have never been, we will explain. To begin with, special overhead illuminations light up the whole area. Indeed its a pleasure to drive along the entire length. However, its even better to have a pleasurable stroll along the seafront.

With such a big event, there is so much to do. For example there are side-shows and plenty of food and drink kiosks. The kids will obviously love the many rides at the fairground. As we see above, visiting the Festival Of Light at Roker Park is a must. This is because you will discover many attractions in there – too many to mention. We also think its best if you discover these for yourself so it doesn’t spoil the surprise. But, you will see the massive Ferris wheel from a long way away!


Most streets close to the seafront in the Roker and to some extent Seaburn are not accessible except for residents. However, if you are energetic enough, you will get reasonably close to enable you to take a brisk walk to the event.

But for those who need it, there are park and ride schemes available. For example, there is a 10 minute bus service from Keel Square in the City Centre. To take advantage of this service, use St Mary’s and Sunniside Car Parks. Once you show your parking ticket, your ride to Roker is free of charge. Moreover, on Thursdays, parking is free. So, on that day take advantage of a free ride to the Sunderland Illuminations 2018!

Obviously, there are other bus, train and Metro services to and from the area. So, check the operators’ timetables for those.

To Sum Up

Regular visitors know exactly what to expect down the seafront in Sunderland and come back again and again. This is because there is so much going on. However, they also know that each year there is something different. This year, the Sunderland Sphere will be something to see at the Sunderland Illuminations 2018. So, isn’t it time that you went along to see what all the fuss is about?

Sunderland Illuminations 2018 - fun for all the family - Festival of Light


There have been illuminations in Sunderland going back decades, so what are your favourite memories? Let us know in the comments section below. Alternatively, why not make a post in the massive Sunderland Forum. Our Sunderland Message Boards are ‘family friendly’ so are suitable for all ages.

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