Sunderland Is Better Than Newcastle

Sunderland is better than Newcastle

Sunderland is better than Newcastle and I also present the facts. Fair enough, they were took from Facebook a while back, but nonetheless are valid. Indeed, verification of these fact are easy enough.

01) Last team to win a home derby: Sunderland
02) Last team to win an away derby: Sunderland
03) Last team to win an FA Cup derby: Sunderland
04) Last team to win a League Cup derby: Sunderland
05) Last team to win a play off derby: Sunderland
06) Last team to win a major trophy: Sunderland
07) Highest derby win: Sunderland
08) Most league titles: Sunderland
09) Record attendance: Sunderland
10) Last side to win in Europe at any level: Sunderland
11) Last side to suffer relegation: Newcastle.

Minging Mags

All in all, this is correct at 28th October 2013. On the whole, the Maggies can never beat the Black Cats records. In effect, we can only say that it proves that Newcastle has always lived in the shadow of Sunderland – Fact!

Sunderland Is Better Than Newcastle - Wear v Tyne - James McClean (SAFC) v Danny Simpson (NUFC) go head to head

Newcastle can’t win the argument against Sunderland obviously.

Sunderland supporters win every argument against the Maggies all the time, of course. This obviously shows on internet forums regularly. Of course, Newcastle live on current day form and only come out of the woodwork when they are doing well. However, they soon shut their minging gobs when they start to lose.

Then the Mags will go on about airports and cathedrals etc. Even then they suffer because our counter-argument beats them hands down. For example there may be no cathedral within the city’s boundary, but ours is far better than theirs! And so we see how easy it is to defeat the ignorant scum on every aspect.

Newcastle players fighting each other - Sunderland wins the arguments - local banter

Newcastle players even fight themselves

Football involves a lot of highs and lows obviously. But when the Maggies try the local banter thing with the Mackems, they lose hands down. So, we await the time when Sunderland are on a low and the Mags are on a high. Then the Mackems can again shut the scum up yet again.

The rivalry between these two bitter North East teams obviously goes on. However, if you have more facts about these rivals then you should let us all know.

Sunderland Is Better Than Newcastle - Gus Poyet shows Alan Pardew the two fingered salute after SAFC win Newcastle

Gus Poyet puts two fingers up at Alan Pardew – Sunderland 2-1 Newcastle


Its easy for Sunderland supporters to win the whingeing Mags when you have the correct information. So, how do you win them in your battles with the scum? Let us know in the comments section below.

You can also create a new thread in the massive Sunderland Message Boards (SMB). We are aware what the Maggies say the SMB stands for – ‘Sad Mackem B******’. But this shows just how low they can go and are they aware what FTM stands for? So, join the SMB – The Sunderland Forum today and post us some facts and figure to humiliate them in a nice way!

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