Sunderland Jobs Bound For India

Sunderland Jobs Bound For India

Firstly, Npower is closing two of its three call centres in Peterlee as part of their restructure. However, they do have a jobs relocation scheme. In fact, Tyne house and Tees House will close, leaving Wear house as the only office left there. Also, other centres earmarked for closure are in Stoke, Thornaby and Teesside.

On the whole, Npower’s other call centre in Sunderland’s Rainton Bridge will lose 430 jobs. Therefore, we bring you news of Sunderland jobs bound for India. It appears that many Wearsiders will lose their jobs soon. Because other call centres are leaving the UK too, the prospects for those workers are not looking good.

Sunderland Jobs Bound For India - call centre work

Typical Indian call centre

All in all, Npower plans to move around 1500 jobs over to India.

Union leaders will get a clearer picture soon. Indeed, they have fought many years to prevent call centre jobs moving to foreign countries. They claim its not about customer service but costs too. However, last week, Npower came top of the customer dissatisfaction league. Moreover, they had five times more complaints than the best energy supplier.

In short, within a few weeks people around the UK will be switching on Christmas lights and using Npower’s services. There will be very little cheer from the workers about to lose their jobs.

Of course, many companies are reaping the rewards for coming back to Britain. Therefore, it makes no sense for other companies to travel in the opposite direction. But this is happening on an alarming scale and something needs to be done to stop the loss of jobs.

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