Sunderland Local Elections 2018

Sunderland Local Elections 2018: The Labour Party in Sunderland takes a bruising while Lib-Dems take a mini surge. Although the Labour Party remain in overall control of Sunderland, they have taken a beating. Indeed, with Labour losing 4 seats in Sunderland, the party need find out what went wrong for them.

Not only did the Lib-Dems capitalise on the Labour losses, but the Conservatives did too. The Tories took two extra seats on the council while the Lib-Dems took up three more seats. However, an independent councillor in Copt Hill lost his seat to Labour.

So, this is how the new Sunderland council looks after the local elections on May 3rd 2018:

  • Labour 61 seats.
  • Conservatives 8 seats.
  • Lib Dems 6 seats.

Sunderland Local Elections 2018 Results:


ANTONY MULLEN (Con) – 1,560
Timothy Hanson Ellis (Lib Dem) – 432
Zaf Iqbal (Lab) – 1,238
Caroline Robinson (Green) – 220


DORIS MACKNIGHT (Labour and Co-operative Party) – 1,358
James Clark Doyle (Con) – 439
Rebecca Jane Lapping (Green) – 178
Jack Thomas Stoker (Lib Dem) – 174

Copt Hill

JACK EDWARD CUNNINGHAM (Labour and Co-operative Party) – 1,400
Anthony Allen (Ind) – 940
Esme Rose Stafford Featherstone (Green) – 108
Patricia Ann Francis (Con) – 428


George Edward Brown (Con) – 1,199
Alan Michael David Robinson (Green) – 208
Peter Arnold Walton (Lib Dem) – 170


GEORGE HOWE (Con) – 1,816
Malcolm John Bond (Lib Dem) – 631
Christopher Thomas Harding (Lab) –1,289
Steven Peter Murray (Green) – 159


BARBARA MCCLENNAN (Labour and Co-operative Party) – 1,029
Syed Ajmol Ali (Con) – 421
Richard Peter Bradley (Green) –239
Kris Brown (The North East Party) – 342
Anthony John Usher (Lib Dem) – 134


CLAIRE MARILYN ROWNTREE (Labour and Co-operative Party) – 1,480
David William Geddis (Ind) – 799
Rachel Louise Lowe (Green) – 74
Diana Matthew (Lib Dem) – 54
Douglas Ian Middlemiss (Con) – 358


Neil MacKnight (Lab) – 1,630
Graham Martin (Green) – 79
Craig Morrison (Con) – 460
Susan Sterling (Lib Dem) – 97
Linda Mary Wood (Ind) – 737


Gwennyth Gibson (Con) – 155
Billy Scott Howells (Green) – 73
Iain William Kay (Labour and Co-operative Party) – 871


Craig John Hardy (Green) – 76
Grant Shearer (Con) – 178
Elise Anne Thompson (Lab) – 714


PAUL STEWART (Labour and Co-operative Party) – 1,168
Neville Edward Chamberlin (Con) – 343
Heather Fagan (Ind) – 344
Rafal Kazimierz Marzec (Green) – 85


MICHAEL ESSL (Lab) – 1,286
Emma Robson (Green) – 290
Keith Anthony Townsend (Lib Dem) – 149
Paula Wilkinson (Con) –797


LYNN APPLEBY (Lib Dem) –1,025
Dave Allan (Lab) – 820
John Leonard Appleton (Green) – 110
Michael Leadbitter (Con) – 317

Shiney Row

MEL SPEDING (Lab) – 1704
Nana Boddy (Lib Dem) – 128
Tony Morrow (Populist) – 414
Sally Oliver (Con) – 742
Neil Geoffrey Shaplin (Green) – 147


PHIL TYE (Lab) – 1,417
Thomas Crawford (Lib Dem) – 203
Chris Crozier (Green) – 202
Bryan Witherwick Reynolds (Con) – 880


ALEX SAMUELS (Lab) –1,307
Anna Debska (Green) – 139
Clair Rachel Hall (Con) – 627
Bill Meeks (Lib Dem) – 315

St Anne’s

KAREN WOOD (Lab) – 1,062
Emma Neale (Lib Dem) –260
Gary Ogle (Green) –122
Gavin Wilson (Con) –620

St Chad’s

Margaret Crosby (Lib Dem) – 261
Gillian Galbraith (Lab) – 1,203
Helmut Izaks (Green) – 89

St Michael’s

MICHAEL DIXON (Con) – 1,958
Steve Hansom (Lab) – 990
Julia Kay Potts (Lib Dem) – 184
Robert Welsh (Green) – 220

St Peter’s

Rachel Featherstone (Green) –236
John Lennox (Lib Dem) –418
Ken Richardson (Lab) – 1,256

Washington Central

Michal Chantkowski (Green) – 251
Anna Snell (Con) – 907

Washington East

TONY TAYLOR (Lab) – 1,561
Josh Flynn (Green) – 188
Hilary Johnson (Con) – 1,123
Siobhán Maria Kelleher (Lib Dem) – 233

Washington North

JILL FLETCHER (Lab) – 1,514
June Bradley (Green) – 170
Andrew Cox (The For Britain Movement) – 156
Carol Ann Groombridge (Con) – 443
Carlton West (Lib Dem) –120

Washington South

GRAEME MILLER (Labour and Co-operative Party) –1,292
Dominic Joseph Armstrong (Green) –254
Martin John Talbot (Con) – 978
Sean Terry (Lib Dem) –206

Washington West

Olwyn Bird (Con) –721
Paul Leonard (Green) – 274
Kevin Morris (Lib Dem) –165

Finally, The Sunderland Local Elections 2018 Analysis

To clarify, the above list shows the results for the Sunderland Local Elections 2018 on May 3rd. Indeed, the results were all available just after midnight. Of course, the count took place at the Silksworth Community Pool Tennis & Wellness Centre.

In Barnes, the Conservatives took a seat from Labour, while the same happened in St Chad’s. Sunderland’s Conservative leader, Councillor Robert Oliver, also declares a good night for the Tories. Moreover, Mr Oliver claims that the results reflect the weakness of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

In Millfield, the Lib-Dems also took a seat from Labour. Then, in Pallion, the Lib-Dems took another seat from Labour, while the same happened in Sandhill. Indeed, Lib-Dem leader, Councillor Niall Hodson claims that it’s been a damaging night for the Labour Party. Then he continues, by saying it’s been a positive night for the Lib-Dems.
Sunderland Local Elections 2018 Niall Hodson - Lib-Dems leader Millfield Ward

Niall Hodson

Of course, the opposition party usually give the party in power a wake up call in local council elections. However, even with all the austerity cuts, this didn’t happen in Sunderland. On the contrary, both the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems made significant gains at the expense of Labour.

However, its not all doom and gloom for Labour in Sunderland. There are places where Labour always do well because some won’t vote Tory or Lib-Dem yet, like Washington.

Sunderland voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, whether this has had an effect or not is unknown. Of course, it could well be that the claims of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party has had effect. However, what is clear is that something has gone drastically wrong for Labour in the Sunderland Local Elections 2018.


You may comment on these council results below. However, we also have the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB) for you to create a political post. The Sunderland Forum is a massive collection of family friendly chat rooms, so please post respectfully.

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