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Welcome to the Sunderland Sports Pages at Wearside Online. To begin with, we cover all sporting events from around the City of Sunderland. However, we cover the whole Wearside area. So, if you have a sporting event in our catchment area, let us know or fill in this form.

Sunderland Sports Pages - Wearside Fun Run

Fun run over the Wearmouth Bridge, Sunderland

Sunderland Sports Pages

Sporting events on Wearside are very popular of course. For example there are many fun runs, cricket games, 5 a side football and rugby games all over the city. Therefore, we cover the lot and its up to you to tell us all about your events. In other words, if you know about or organise a local sporting event, contact us and get free publicity.

If you have a sports website, all the better. However, should you wish to advertise your website link, we expect a link back to Wearside Online. So, now that you know we wish to include your sports event, get more publicity on the Sunderland Sports Pages. Our Wearside Online Blog is the best place to gain free publicity.

Sport In Sunderland

It might surprise many people that Sunderland is a hub for sporting activities. In fact, Sunderland City Council have helped to create a network of sporting facilities accessible to the public. Therefore, take advantage of those that are available for a healthier lifestyle. Likewise, there are many others that organise smaller sporting events around the city.

For example, there are plenty of football pitches in Sunderland as well as bowling greens, swimming facilities and gyms etc. Since we are a city with a fine coastline and a beautiful river, there are also water sport facilities. All in all, there are many sporting activities for all the family in the Wearside area. To repeat, if you wish to publicise any sporting event or activity in the Sunderland area, let us know.

Sunderland Ski Slope at Silksworth - sport on Wearside

Indeed, we even have the Sunderland Ski Slope at Silksworth.

Many more sports and activities are available, of course. For instance there is angling, badminton, bowls, boxing, cricket, golf, rowing, rugby and table tennis etc. But there’s a whole host more!


Obviously we cover Sunderland AFC and have many SAFC pages which are packed with information.
Stadium of Light floodlights on at night
These include Sunderland fixtures, games and the league table. But remember that you can also write articles about the greatest team the world has ever seen. Don’t forget that we also have a massive Sunderland Forum which has a SAFC Forum built in already. So, we cover the Black Cats in-depth all the way

Sunderland Forum

Firstly, our Sunderland Forum is a family friendly online community. In other words, we don’t allow all those nasties that you get from other online communities. For example, we don’t allow filth or swearing etc. Indeed, we leave all that to other websites where the idiots usually congregate. Obviously, because of our reputation you can allow your kids to browse our website in confidence.

So, even though you can advertise your sporting events on the Sunderland Sports Pages here in the blogs, you may also use the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB) to do the same. This allows for more user interaction, of course. However, please remember that the sports section here on the Wearside Blogs is far better to advertise. This is because we can help you finely choose the correct way to make it searchable in google etc.

To Sum Up

There is a whole host of sporting events and facilities in Sunderland and the Wearside area. No matter what your age is or physical fitness, if you wish to participate in any kind of sport, Sunderland has the lot. Of course, organisers or individuals can advertise their sports event right here at Wearside Online.

Angling at Roker Pier in Sunderland - great fishing trips

Fishing off Roker Pier in Sunderland

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