Sunderland Will Celebrate Brexit

Sunderland will celebrate Brexit Day by lighting up some of it’s landmarks in red, white and blue. The city voted 82,394 in favour of leaving the EU compared to 51,930 who voted to remain.

The referendum, which was in 2016, saw the stock market plummet while the pound decreased in value. This came about as soon as the Sunderland count came in. Indeed, this set the scene for the whole night.

The city is normally the first in the UK to declare election results, so much focus was on Sunderland and the count at the Silksworth Sports Complex.

While most politicians, including the three Sunderland MP’s were in favour of remain, Wearside folk wanted to leave. Then, for three and a half years, the politicians tried all ways to overturn the result of the referendum.

Divided Country

Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the country became divided. The remainers demanded a “People’s Vote”, in other words, a confirmatory referendum. But, they didn’t get their way and the divisions widened. It became family member vs family member as well as politicians vs the people.

The Labour Party, including the Sunderland MPs turned the UK into a laughing stock by stalling democracy. Who could ever forget the happenings in Westminster which prevented normal business practices there. Moreover, the Labour Party knew that people wanted Brexit and wouldn’t even allow a General Election to sort out the mess.

However, the opposition eventually gave in. During December 2019, the UK held a General Election which saw the Labour Party have its worst defeat since 1935. Boris Johnson got a landslide victory for the Conservatives because of the antics of the Labour Party.

Sunderland Reject The Labour Party

After the 2019 General Election it became clear that the people of Sunderland were rejecting the Labour Party. Of course, old habits die hard and people still voted traditionally. However, the Brexit Party stood in Sunderland too. Their votes together with the Conservative vote outnumbered that of the Labour Party in many places.

Indeed, had the Brexit Party not stood in Sunderland, the chances are that the city would have Conservative MPs now. The Tory vote was up while the Labour Party’s vote went down dramatically. In fact, the “victory” speeches by the Labour MPs were not what you would expect either. They knew they had took a “bloody nose” from the electorate, but what did they expect when they were battling the people!

Boris Johnson Delivers Brexit

After all the scare stories about possible food and medicine shortages together with an economic disaster, the people spoke yet again. The message was clear, people want Brexit and the fear factor didn’t work.

Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit at 11pm on the 31st of January, 2020. The Labour MPs have no option but to sit back and watch the British people see democracy win. Hopefully, the country will unite once more and we can all get along again.

Sunderland Will Celebrate Brexit Day

It appears that after all the fear factors and Armageddon predictions, the country is back on track. At one second to 11 on Friday the 31st or January 2020, the UK will still be in the EU. However, at one second after, the UK will no longer be a member of that “club”.

Sunderland will celebrate Brexit Day and quite rightly so. The Labour run council will light up famous Sunderland landmarks in red, white and blue. Those include Keel Square, Market Square and High Street West as well as Fulwell Mill and the lighthouse at Seaburn. At the time of writing we don’t know if Penshaw Monument is to be part of the arrangements but we sincerely hope it will be.

The lights will be on from dusk until dawn but the Seaburn Lighthouse will go off at 10.30pm. So, please check the check them out in their patriotic colours and don’t forget your camera.

Hopefully, the Labour MPs and councillors, as well as other dignitary, will set aside their political thoughts and join in with the celebrations. Indeed, they should not use Brexit Day to promote their politics tinged with more fear factors.

It’s time to move on together as one people without divisions and with hope for the future. Sunderland will celebrate Brexit Day and it’s fitting that we should do. After all, it was this city started the ball rolling way back on the 23rd of June 2016!

Sunderland Will Celebrate Brexit Day - celebrations at the Silksworth Sports Centre

Sunderland folk celebrating the 2016 EU referendum result

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One Response to Sunderland Will Celebrate Brexit

  1. Trish says:

    Apart from Sunderland’s new bridge, the Northern Spire, the lighting was a bit of a damp squib. But that was the Labour run Sunderland Council trying their best to please to 70% of voters here who voted Brexit.

    In other words, this was a half-hearted attempt to celebrate Brexit. Seaburn Lighthouse was lit up canny but not for long. Meanwhile, Fulwell Mill wasn’t lit up at all even though it normally is with just one colour.

    The lights in Keel Square were not lit up for long and could have been better.

    All in all it was a bit of a let-down. It’s not surprising then that the voters on Wearside turned their backs on the Labour Party. This was yet another reminder of why!

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