Tall Ships Sunderland 2018

To begin with, Sunderland will be the starting point for the 2018 Tall Ships Races. Indeed, confirmation for this prestigious event came back in November 2014. Obviously, the River Wear will be awash with ships of all shapes and sizes in July this year.

Tall Ships Sunderland 2018 - River Wear Sailing Event

What Are The Tall Ships Races?

Indeed, tall ships are basically sailing ships that became a dying breed after the Second World War. This was because ships with different power sources became very efficient in what they do. However, in the 1950’s Bernard Morgan from London had a great idea. In short, this was to bring together some of the remaining ships for a friendly racing competition. So, in 1953, the first Tall Ships Race began.

Since then, the race became an annual event and many different ports become the host. Therefore, Sunderland becomes a part of the history for this excellent showcase. Of course, Sunderland was once the biggest shipbuilding town in he world. So, this event will once again bring the River Wear back to life again. In fact, come July, the River Wear will go through a transformation not seen in decades. Furthermore, the event will involve many young sailors from Sunderland who will enjoy a great experience.

The Tall Ships’ Races also encourage international friendship. Indeed, they help bring together people from many nations and these people will be coming to our friendly city. Wearsiders are famous for their hospitality, of course. So, together with the beautiful coastline and inviting riverside, the contestants will go away with a great impression of Sunderland. In other words, this brilliant spectacle will show Sunderland at its best. Moreover, starting off in Sunderland will surely bring in the media from across the globe.

Notable Dates

Race 1: Sunderland UK  from Wednesday 11th July to Saturday 14th July.
Then they race on to Esbjerg in Denmark Wednesday 18th July to Saturday 21st July.
Cruise in Company: Esbjerg-Stavanger Saturday 21st July to Thursday 26th July.

Race 2: Stavanger, Norway from Thursday 26th July to Sun 29th July.
Then they race on to Harlingen, The Netherlands Friday 3rd to Monday 6th August.

Tall Ships Map - Sunderland - Esbjerg - Stavanger Harlingen 2018


While the Tall Ships are in Sunderland, there are plenty of things to see and do starting at 10am daily. For example, by noon on Wednesday, all ships should be present. Then, the free access to them will be a great attraction to people of all ages. On both sides of the river, at the Town Moor and St Peters Riverside, there are music events too.

Of course, there are many other attractions such as stalls, fairgrounds, bands and fireworks etc. But don’t forget to be there when the boats come in! Above all, give the ships a good send off on Saturday the 21st from from 1.30pm until around 9pm.

In addition, there are hospitality opportunities on board the ships. Of course, you can arrange a party on the decks and even organise a cruise. So, to take advantage of these opportunities, we list some contact details:

Email: TallShipsHospitality@sunderland.gov.uk
Telephone: 0191 561 2111

Best Viewing Areas

Of course, the twin resorts of Roker and Seaburn will be a great place to be to see the Tall Ships. However, there will be many people perching on the Wearmouth Bridge with binoculars too. Obviously, all places on the riverside will allow for good viewing. However, lets stay safe at all times.

For more information about other viewing areas, visit the Port of Sunderland website.

Sunderland – The International Attraction

Within a week of the Tall Ships leaving Sunderland, another international event comes to the city. Indeed, the Sunderland International Airshow, which attracts over one million people, starts on the 27th July 2018. So, together with the international Tall Ships’ Race, Sunderland is truly the place to be this summer.

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