Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland

The Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland

To begin with, The Toy Dolls came back to Sunderland last night and it was about time. Indeed, they performed to a full house at North Shore, St Peters Campus.

Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland - Gigging in the UK

Toy Dolls – Ageing Sunderland Rock Stars – Still Performing and big in Japan

In brief, The Toy Dolls played a gig in The Old 29 in Sunderland (1983), their home city. This was to be their last gig in the city for thirty years. But, last night, they rocked like it was that very same bash. All in all, it was as youthful as you can get from the ageing rockers. Just to point out, they never lost it!

On the whole, the lads have released more than fifty albums and singles. Another key point is, they are still big in Japan and South America where they regularly tour. All things considered, Olga and company have stuck true to what they know best. Another key point is that they never went commercialised in order to make more money. Significantly, they sing songs about home town of Sunderland too. With this in mind, we have people around the world with those songs on their minds. In contrast, it’s hard to find other people who are promoting Sunderland like these lads do!

A class act

For the purpose of those who are new to this band, they sang many songs.  Of course they done, Fisticuffs in Frederick Street, Park Lane Punch Up and She Goes To Finos. Obviously, Finos was a nightclub in Sunderland City Centre.
Toy Dolls Come Home To Sunderland - UK gig 2014

Of course, we have to show one of their videos. So we chose one where they sing in Penshaw Monument, Sunderland. Obviously, they got wrong for this, but then again, they did a lot of daring stuff to say the least. This video is ‘Dig That Groove Baby’.

Finally, the Sunderland Forum and Blogs wish The Toy Dolls all the best. Indeed, maybe one day we will see them have their own gig at the Stadium of Light. Of course, that would that be a spectacle!

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