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Wear Cooking – Your Virtual Online Kitchen

To begin with, this is the Wear Cooking introduction page. Obviously, this is the virtual online kitchen for all. Moreover, our recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are simple enough to find. Therefore, there is no excuse now, start cooking!

Wear Cooking

So, what exactly is in the Wear Cooking pages? Well, to separate the various recipes, we have various categories of course. For example, there are the Main Meals, Cakes & Biscuits, Desserts & Puddings and Appetizers. In fact, those categories are all linked on the left of the virtual online cookery pages at Wear Cooking. This is so that they are always on hand. However, why not bookmark this page and call back often to work through our delicious recipes.

In this day and age of fast food and microwaves, obviously it is easy to forget the art of cooking. However, by turning the television off and spending a little time in the kitchen, families can become a little closer. By the same token, there will be more appreciation for all your efforts. Of course, involving as many family members to join in will help with their life skills too.

Although we have many main meal recipes, we also have recipes for desserts and cakes etc. Obviously, with obesity becoming a major concern, cooking your own food can help. For example, you will see what exactly goes into the food you make. Therefore, you will be more alert to the calorific value and be more conscious.


Indeed, we didn’t want to show recipes that had complicated ingredients or were hard to find. Therefore, most ingredients are readily available in the local supermarkets. In fact, there wasn’t one ingredient we couldn’t find at a reasonable price too!


Because our recipes may involve some form of cooking on an oven or cooker, be careful. In other words, we ask that you should be responsible at all times.

Obviously, if you allow children to help with the cooking, please give them plenty of guidance. Moreover, by teaching the kids to cook early, they will be more prepared for the world ahead of them. Likewise, they will develop a lot more quickly with more ability to act responsibly. Of course, cooking can be fun too.

Apart from a few recipes, most are quick and easy. However, making the Christmas Cake takes a little longer. But, well worth it in the end!


When cooking, it is essential to keep the work surfaces clean and tidy at all times. Also, it is important to prevent cross-contamination too. For example, when cooking with chicken, we recommend cleaning up immediately before moving onto other ingredients. Of course, this is common sense but children may not be aware of this. So, teaching them early is a good idea. Obviously, enjoy the food but don’t forget the dishes at the end!

Local Recipes

Since, we are a local website for the Wearside area, it would be nice to include some local recipes. So, if you have some recipes for local dishes and would like to share them on Wear Cooking, tell us. In fact, these could be recipes from anywhere in the North East of England.

Of course, we hope you enjoy your time in this Wear Cooking section. Moreover, if you have any recipes you would like to add to our pages, drop us a line.

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