Wearside Quiz 01

Indeed, this is Wearside Quiz 01, the easiest trivia in this section. There are 20 multiple choice questions and a possible 100 points to play for. So, have a go and share your results on Facebook etc.

Wearside Trivia – Quiz Bank 01

1. To begin with, the building of St Peters Church gave Sunderland it’s age, but what year was this?


2. Thinking caps on because you may have forgotten this one, what is Wearside Jack’s real name?


3. In what year did Washington, Houghton and Hetton become part of the City of Sunderland?


4. You are travelling past Penshaw Monument, so, what road are you on?


5. Picture question: in short, can you name this area of the city centre?

Sunniside area of Sunderland - Wearside Trivia


6. What is the name of the River Wear crossing between Castletown and Pallion?


7. Here is a brainteaser, when did Joplings Department Store close for good?


8. If someone in the Sunderland area talks about the 7 sisters, what are they likely to be referring to?


9. Wearside concerts: which Band has NOT played at the Stadium of Light?


10. The Venerable Bede is associated with which church on Wearside?


11. This question always brings a tear to my eyes, but we should never forget. So, how many children died in the Victoria Hall Disaster?


12. The opening of the Queen Alexandra bridge was in what year?


13. An easy question; in short, where is Whitburn?


14. The first President of the USA has a massive connection with which part of the City of Sunderland?


15. What is the only other city that borders Sunderland?


16. Picture question; where would you be if you were on this stretch of road?

Houghton Cut, Sunderland


17. What do we understand about Mary Ann Cotton?


18. The main shopping centre in Washington is called what?


19. What is the real name of one of Sunderland’s best known bands?


20. Finally, in this easy section, where is The Sheepfolds?


Question 1 of 20

Wearside Quiz 01

We obviously, thank you for playing the Wearside Trivia – Wearside Quiz 01. Please share your results on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can have a go too (click the handy ‘share‘ link below). We also have a Sunderland AFC quiz too and you will find that here.

If you would like to send in a quiz based around the Wearside area, please do so. Just ensure your facts are correct with your 4 possible answers, obviously highlight the correct one.

Finally, we hope you have a good time at Wearside Online, please bookmark us and call back often.

Wearside Quiz 01 - Sunderland Trivia

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