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Indeed, this is the Wearside Sport page.

Welcome to the Wearside Sport page which has two definitive links. Firstly, there is the football link which will direct you to all the information about SAFC. Of course we are referring to Sunderland AFC, the greatest team the world has ever seen.

Secondly, there is a link to all other sports and sporting activities in Sunderland and around the Wearside area. Therefore, just click the appropriate link below:

SAFC – news and information about the Black Cats.
Other Sports – other Wearside sporting events and activities.

Wearside Sport

On the Sunderland Sports Pages, we highlight that Sunderland has some of the best sporting facilities around. Generally speaking, in the Wearside area we are awash with sporting events and activities. With this in mind, the Wearside Online community website aims to bring as much sporting information to you as possible. However, we rely on visitors to pass on details about sporting events and sports clubs in the area.

Indeed, if you organise or just know of a sporting event, fill in this form and let us know. There are no restrictions on what you can write, but please ensure it has over 200 words at least. This is because it helps search machines to find your posts quicker. Of course, visitors can post here too and you don’t even need to register. So, if you want to publicise a local sports event or venue, Wearside Online is the perfect platform to do this.

Surfing in Sunderland off Roker Pier - Wearside sporting blogs

Roker beach, Sunderland sporting activities

Sunderland AFC

Of course, Sunderland AFC plays a massive part in the lives of Wearsiders. But, we are well aware that the Black Cats have supporters with no affiliation with the city. Obviously no matter where you are from, if you support the lads, then you are welcome at Wearside Online. Indeed, we have a load of informative posts about the greatest team in the world and the Stadium of Light.

In fact, we have the fixtures, results, league table and an enormous amount of other information about SAFC. Not only that but you may add to this information at any time by creating your own posts. This could be anything from facts and figures to memories of Sunderland games etc. You don’t even need to register, and the form is easy to fill in. So, if you support Sunderland AFC, the Wearside Online community is a great place for information and social interaction.

Stadium of Light with club badge on the wall

Indeed, SAFC is a very important part of Wearside life

Sunderland Forum

Generally speaking, Wearside Online is the community blogs, while the Sunderland Forum is the main chat area. With this in mind, this is your invitation to join us at the SMB – Sunderland Message Boards. Indeed, registering there takes less than a minute. Obviously the Sunderland Forum covers all local sport and has a separate SAFC Forum for all football chat.

So, pop over to the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB) today and have your say. All in all, Wearside Online has something for everyone, and since you’re at the sport section, we cover that too. In other words, we have the blogs here and a massive Sunderland Forum in which to submit a sports post or chat about SAFC.

SMB - Sunderland Message Boards - Ready To Go

To Sum Up

We provide our Sunderland sports forum and sports blog in good faith. With this in mind, always act responsibly and legally. This is because, we are a family friendly community and pride ourselves in that. In other words, please ensure that you write in a manner that won’t offend.

Obviously, let us know about any relevant sports stories from our catchment area or join the debate. Finally, don’t forget to let us know about any sporting events or venues in or around the Wearside area.

Wearside Sport blog - Sunderland and district sporting activities

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  1. Bob edwards says:

    I think we as SAFC fans need to understand we are no longer a big club.
    We are just a big historical fan base that makes lots of noise about nothing

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